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How often do you freely surf the web?

Asked by quasi (777points) August 23rd, 2009

Is surfing the web, for you, still a limitless journey into the unknown, where by faith you click endlessly upon hyperlinks which slowly reveal their meaning though subtextual wakes and unknown destinations?

or do you spend time visiting the same sites everyday, with religious like devotion. interfacing with those in your social network, e-mail, and reading blogs?

if surfing is dwelling, which do you prefer, nomad or settler?

would a web nomad be less socially networkable than a settler, or could the nomads themselves form a greater network?

Any comments welcome, just trying to get a conversation about web habits going.

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If I had to label myself, I’d be something like a Bedoin, I suppose, traveling a lot, settling in certain places for a while and eventually moving on.

I started out in chat rooms and eventually moved on to a handful of message boards, where I stayed for quite a while. Some shut down and I found myself at other message boards as time passed. Eventually I found myself gravitating toward certain blogs and the comments sections therein. Somehow, led to InformationAddiction, which took me to and then Lifehacker. While at LH, I started hanging out at io9, Gizmodo and BoingBoing. Somewhere in that confusion, SlashDot and some comic book message boards were frequented as well. While I still browse Lifehacker almost daily, I find myself checking Fluther more and more often. I’ll be here a while, and I’m betting some other place will catch my interest as well. Soon, some daily staples will fall away while other take their place…

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I mainly have daily stuff that I check out. However, one of my daily stops is Wikipedia’s entry about the following day—like this—and that always leads to endless clicking and unknown destinations.

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I do not do wither of those things. I search for specific answers to specific questions or problems—on a many times daily basis.

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I am a nomad, although I have found the quaint village of Fluther a nice place to stop, put my feet up, enjoy a nice beverage, and pass the time with the locals. I still see the Internet as a limitless place to explore. And I’ve found things that I never knew existed, as well as things that make me say WTF?

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Every day, its getting harder to find original stuff though, like the old days. Still find intersting stuff, its just harder to find valuable info for free. I like reading the old books that aren’t copywrited from Google, which always consumes too much time.

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