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When buying a plane ticket to Paris should I just go through STA since I'm a student or is there a cheaper alternative?

Asked by Fallstand (1130points) January 16th, 2008

Looking to go for spring break in march.. STA has tickets for 500–600 before taxes/fees

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STA fare prices are sometimes the same ones you can find through Orbitz, Expedia, etc. I would go through STA if you want to get travel insurance, which you might want to do. I met a mother and daughter who were on their way to Paris when several connecting flights got delayed and they had to stay a night at the airport. Because they bought STA insurance, they were able to book a hotel at no extra cost.

At any rate, I highly recommend checking out They run a search of all (over 100) travel websites to find the best deals so you know you’re getting rock bottom prices.

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Go to or also, try going directly to, they are running a special to fly to Paris right now for dirt cheap!!

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