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What do you want to learn?

Asked by wildpotato (15224points) August 23rd, 2009

Just curious. Plus I’m always down for new ideas. Anything at all – throw ‘em out there!

I want to learn how to kitesurf, sail, use a spinning wheel and those nifty Navajo floor spindles, sew, play the harp, sing, cut hair, work on cars, read Greek and Latin, learn German, and become fully fluent in French. Then Russian, Spanish, Hebrew, and Japanese if I make it that far.

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To complete things.

To play the piano.

To trust more.

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Arabic and chemistry, mainly.

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i want to learn: 1. how to reach my full potential in life aspects
2. how to speak other languages too!
3. how to be good at math..
4. to play volleyball well
5. how to connect with other people very well
ha dang there are so much!

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I want to learn how to pierce

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I want to learn Microsoft Access.

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Languages, Anthropology, Philosophy, the humanities in general. It’s why making a choice on what to study at university has felt a bit restrictive. Oh well. tough titties.

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I’d like to relearn to read and play music.

I’d like to be a fluent Spanish speaker.

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Musical instruments, languages and singing, but it’s rather late in life. I’m afraid these are going to be regrets.

Not that I don’t enjoy learning at college, I really do.

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i’m hoping to learn more french – taking french 3 this year hopefully.
knitting, more crocheting, embroidering, wood working, ancient civilization history, more in depth psychology, an instrument (guitar, ukulele, and harmonica = top choices), philosophy, sewing…
i feel like i have a much more extensive list, but i can’t think of it right now. i’m in the middle of doing an essay!

@pdworkin, it’s never too late! pick up an instrument with any spare time you have, and i’m sure you can at least learn something (:

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@pdworkin Wait, you’re only in college and you think that’s too old to learn those things? And that being in college is late in life? I’m confused. Edit: sorry, I didn’t consider adult education. Don’t mean to make assumptions about you. But as tiffany said, it’s never too late.

@tiffyandthewall You can learn knitting from a really well diagrammed guide. I’ll scan the one I taught myself on and post it somewhere if I can ever find it again. I’m in the middle of an essay too… Oh yeah, I forgot the harmonica! That would be awesome.

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To speak French.
To play the piano.
To shoot a gun.
To sky dive.
To scuba dive.

There are others but I can’t remember at the moment.

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I want to learn Japanese, Spanish, to play guitar, to play drums, to shoot a gun, to read music, to write better, to sing better, to control my temper, to be less insecure, and basically everything that I possibly can.

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@kheredia, @WiseOldUnicorn I would suggest starting with a shotgun – they are loads of fun and it’s easy to hit stationary targets with them. Quite the rush when, the first time trying it, you suddenly realize that the clay pigeon is gone. I’ve heard that handguns are also great and easy to learn on, but I haven’t tried one yet. I find rifles hellishly difficult.

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I would like to learn what is really going on here.

I don’t me here, Fluther. I mean here like on this plane of existence.

We look out and we see huge, unimaginable space, filled with condensed glowing energy, billions of galaxies, billions of stars in each.

Our plane is really constructed of a latticework of sub structures, all infinitesimally small. Chemical structures making up everything, composed of even smaller atoms, and even smaller quarks and leptons. The immensity of the smallness is as great as the immensity of the largeness.

We, your consciousness and mine, float at a kind of mid-level physical plane, perceiving only a tiny fraction of the real thing, for only a fleeting wisp of a moment in time. We take what we see and what we do as the real thing, but it isn’t. The real thing is way bigger and smaller than that.

What is really going on here? Is there really an organizer of it all? What is he/she really up to? That’s what I want to know.

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I want to learn how to drive. I’m 31 and I have only driven on roads a few times. I doubt I would get a car but it would be nice to be able to borrow my sisters if I needed to run to the hardware store.

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@PerryDolia Nice one. You might be interested in reading the novella/thought experiment Flatland by Edwin Abbott Abbott. Also, I can recommend a number of accessible metaphysics texts if you like – PM me for details.

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Lots of things but I’ll name a few.

To be a better programmer. Only started learning a month ago.
Spanish. Great language.
Play the piano. It has such a beautiful sound.

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I want to learn to swim, speak spanish, run a business, and live life in a more efficient and productive manner for both myself and those around me.

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I would like to learn Japanese, Spanish, French and German. I want to climb Everest and Fiji. I want to live in Portland and British Columbia and whatever place that strikes me. And the thing I most want to do is go to Antarctica. And those aren’t the only things I would like to do. But the list would be a bit long. :)

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Oh I just realized this question is about what I want to learn. Well ok then I would like to learn those languages I mentioned and how to survive on my own. And lastly climb a big mountain like Everest or Fiji. :) And the other stuff I would like to learn is…a lot of stuff :)

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I’d also like to learn survival skills, in all sorts of situations.
Stranded on a deserted island/in a desert/in a forest/in a snowy field; Invasions from foreign countries/other worlds/zombies/sharks/nuclear bombs, etc.

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I’d like to learn Greek, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, German, and at least one Asian language. In addition, I’d like to learn to tap dance, how to act, and how to stop being afraid of riding quickly on my mountain bike.

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I want to learn to appreciate every moment and live like there is no tomorrow.
I want to learn to paint the depths of my heart so the painting reflects what is within.

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i’d like to learn more languages also. i only know english, which bothers me to a certain degree.

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Not to be tortured by my past.

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knitting, ASL, interior design, kite flying, horseback riding, archery, gun shooting, basket weaving, knife throwing, glass blowing, write poetry, make pretty omelettes, patch up holes in my socks, make fudge, tie knots, grow a garden, make a snowman, bake challah.

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@Sarcasm Seconded. I would love to be multi-lingual.

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Latin. And everything else there is to learn!

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How to become invisible.

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I want to learn how to become a great pastry chef, whitewater rafting guide and ninja warrior.

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er to sing, because i think (or know) i have a hideous voice
to write songs, and also not to hate them after
to be able to draw what i see in my head straight off without using stuff to get shapes/ tone accurate
er i think i wanna learn not be so shy
also, it would be awesome to be able to travel the universe and other dimensions, if thats something you can learn =\

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This thread is so nice. It seems like it should be a commercial for something. But I don’t know what.

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@deni A commercial for Fluther?

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@jonsblond heh surely! Or a college, or something. A really ambitious group of people who are eager to learn. lol

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It’s funny you mentioned Navajo spinning @wildpotato, as fiber processing and yarn making/dyeing/using is something I have been learning and experimenting with all summer long. It’s been a real fun adventure so far, in fact I am heading back to my spinning wheel in a few minutes! Then I get to dye the yarn, then ply it together, then make a shawl… all via my own two hands. It is quite a great feeling indeed!

I’ve also learned how to make jam this summer, made up some delicious peach jam last week. That will be real yummy in the winter!

I learned Japanese back when I was a teenager and have been thankful for that, as a good foundation of the language is now fully implanted into my brain. Combined with my forced knowledge of French by living in Canada, I believe I’ve learned enough languages for the time. Knowing different languages is really awesome because each language lets you think in a different way and view things from an alternative perspective. I am very grateful for my knowledge in languages.

Some things I am learning now include how to raise chickens and other livestock, how to accomplish various other homesteading tasks, as I intend to buy a property and raise animals and vegetables on my land. I find learning and applying such knowledge to be one of the largest epitomes of living life.

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As much as I can before I die

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Master stone setting
Bass guitar

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@dynamicduo Ya! I love to spin and then make stuff from my own yarn. Very meditative and satisfying. I need to brush up on my dying skills. You ever try felting the stuff you make? It’s a fun extra step, and things come out really neat. I don’t follow patterns for stuff I intend to felt though, I think it works better if you just wing it and experiment. It would be cool to raise sheep or alpaca, shear them, clean and card the wool into roving, dye it and then spin it, don’t you think? Little Red Hen style.

I know what you mean about different languages – I sometimes translate French philosophy into English because it’s fun and makes you think about the material in a new way.

I hate chickens; dealing with their shit is just so gross. Makes great fertilizer though. But Capt_Bloth loves them, so when we get a farm he can have chicken duty. What other livestock do you have? You should talk to lupin; I think he owns a farm or works on one or something.

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Memorize all important things fast. Like have a super duper fotographic memory to gain all knowledge .

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I want to learn Russian, Japanese, and Turkish. I want to learn world history during the period of 476–1066, history that has been essentially skipped in all of my history classes I’ve had up to this point. I want to learn how to read Thai and Arabic, I want to learn how to write better, I want to learn how to use Photoshop in an advanced way, and I would love to learn more choreographed dances.

I already know how to play the piano and read music, but I’m not advanced or anything and I would like to improve my skills with it.

I think it’s awesome that so many people listed languages. :)

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-Play guitar
-Drive a stick shift
-Drive a crotch-rocket
-Pole Dance
-Love without hesitation
-To forgive
-Be myself around others
-Love myself
-Train dogs

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My list is too long, so I’ll limit it to things I haven’t started at all yet.

I want to learn to weld, to blow glass, to turn wood.

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I want to learn how to craft the perfect question, which will provoke an endless stream of outstanding answers, that when blended together will generate a best-selling pulitzer prize winning series of books, that everyone in the world will want to buy for themselves and give as holiday gifts, and then I will take the profits generated by the creative sacrifices offered up by the collective, and gather every sister and brother fluther upon a mountain top, join hands in song to celebrate our mutual retirement, as we harmoniously invest wisely in organic farming and alternative sources of energy, all while making precious time stand still so as to smell the roses and fully appreciate sunsets, together, as we sit in council, united, deciding to embark from this day forward upon a lifelong commitment to continue crafting more perfect questions so that we can offer up an endless stream of brilliant answers.

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@Dog – I love your answer and I would like that as well, plus to learn about practically every sort of art there is. I want to weld huge things and continue to improve my wood carving. I love enameling and want to know more about that. I want to build my own house out of old shipping containers and I want to take my young dog to agility classes. That ought to keep me busy for a while! Oh yeah, I want to learn how to surf too, if only the sharks weren’t out there!

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I want to learn Spanish and ASL and more vocabulary (got the GRE coming up next year)

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i want to learn exchange server and office outlook

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how to love more

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I’d like to be fluent in Italian and Hebrew.

I’d like to learn Ballet.

Of the things I can already do I’d like to keep improving my horse riding skills (especially hoe jumping), dog training and any dog/animal knowledge, singing and knowledge of history.

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@AlyxCaitlin I am a piercer and I love it!! You should try to get an apprenticeship!! You will LOVE it!!

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@Ashalah I hope to :] I plan on going to California and take classes and get my certificate!

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Too many things. Right now, I am working on Japanese, Chinese, and juggling five balls.

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@ekans Nice! I never made it past 3 scarves.

Also, forgot to add unicycling. I’d love to learn to unicycle.

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@wildpotato My sister had a unicycle when we were growing up. She was a master at it. (she worked as a clown for extra money). I had the hardest time trying to stay on that thing. I don’t know how she did it. :)

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@wildpotato and @jonsblond Ask Jayne for tips. I remember watching and laughing as he hurt himself when he was learning how to unicycle. Now he is good at it though, and he can laugh at me for barely being able to ride a bicycle.

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Learn to fly. That’s flying a plane. Flying on my own will be cool too.. but that’s impossible (for now?).

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I want to learn how to be a tect know crap and when people ask if I know how a switch switchers I can say yes

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Lots of things:

*I’d like to study more art
*How to fly a plane
*Another language (I know ASL)

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All the words to “52 Girls” by the B-52s.

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I’d like to learn how to do contact juggling; how to play by ear/do a session with Irish musicians; learn how to fiddle; learn how to program or write html; learn how to make good bread, every time; learn how to let things go.

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to be confident and successful

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German, and how to appreciate seeing my novel on display at B&N.

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@MrBr00ks Congratulations! Why are you not happy about seeing your book out there?

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nooooo, i want the opportunity to learn to appreciate it. sorry.

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To never repeat my own mistakes. To learn the shit out of them.

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@wildpotato I gave you lurve for another GQ. This question also reveals abit about you: What do you want to learn? Just curious. You want to learn, everything and always. This is wonderful, as curiosity is a great trait. Nothing “just” about it. Humour is another exceptional quality you possess.

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right now I’m learning to stop arguing with reality

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How to be happy.

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to live and let live.

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I want to learn to play the piano, as I already play the violin that was usually my first answer to questions like these
I also want to learn how to speak Portuguese

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Currently I pay someone to scan my artwork for digital printing. I know he has to split the artwork into parts and then reassembles digitally somehow but I have no clue as to how any of this is done. I would love to know what kind of computer system and scanner I would need to do this and then learn how to do it at a mastery level so all I have to do is take the work to whatever printer I want to use. The savings to me across time would be immense.

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I want to learn how not to get drawn into gossip…it’s like a monster that sneeks up on you… and not just silly gossip…I mean important stuff..I guess that’s not ‘gossip’ but… you know the kind of I guess…bitching about people… not that I bitch about people but people bitch about people to me and it’s really beginning to grate on me.

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It depends on the context and who is doing the gossiping and what is the nature of the information being passed. People may not like this knowledge…but gossip is intrinsic to humans. It’s how we pass crucial info about what is occuring within the group and without the group to one another. It has some merit and value. That’s why we engage in it. BUT it can also become harmful and devisive. You have to be able to discern which is which and when it is necessary to intervene or step out.
When you have more authority or power and the gossip is necessary you pull the person aside and ask that they speak privately with you or you add some neutral not heavily emotionally laden comment in response. You move to neutralize or add understanding.
If the gossip is negative, damaging or devisive you move to end it immediately with a comment of the undesirable impact this kind of talk could instigate and what kind of consequences there will be for the people carrying these messages should it continue.
If you are a peer or not in authority you can do the same things but you can’t use the same type of consequences as a deterent. You can state that you don’t wish to be a part of the discussion BUT this could result in you being cut out of crucial social loops of information. That is not desirable for you.
You can attempt to neutralize the negative with understanding or explanations. And you can just get up and excuse yourself from the gossiping moment. You may notice that when there is one person who does this with frequency others will immediately leave the table, leave the room, and excuse themselves in some form or fashion and the gossip gets left alone to their own devices with only the most codependent of enablers left behind.
And certainly one way to cut down on gossip is to not do it yourself unless you feel that someone needs to know information you are holding for their own well-being.

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@Joybird good answer, thank you and I am working on some of the above x

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I would love to learn to work with silver to compliment my dichroic glass jewelry. Fine silver/PMC work. Specifically, bezels that are really detailed and pretty (not just the ones that are already made that you adjust). I can weave a mean wired bezel though and have even crocheted metallic thread around pendants lol. There are a million things I want to learn. :-)

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I am taking a screen printing workshop this weekend. I have always wanted to do screen printing, I am excited.

@Warrior_INTJ – that sounds really neat! Do you have pics of the crocheted pendants? Would love to see your work.

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