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Is there a website I can get the old version of IE for Mac OSX?

Asked by Fallstand (1130points) January 16th, 2008

…Or do I really have to put windows on here just for IE?

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Yes, you can get the old version of IE for Mac, but it’s so insanely different that it’s meaningless as a tool to test out IE.

A nice solution to this problem finally came out (if you’re running an intel mac):
ies4osx. It’s free and let’s you run multiple versions of IE right inside OS X super simply. A great product.

You might also be interested in checking out websites that do this remotely. I’ve had lots of success with IE NetRenderer (also free).

Finally, you can check out previous discussion of this.

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I tried ies4osx but i cant see the URL bar..or the fonts i type to log in to certain websites.. any reason for that?

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Hmm… not that I know of. It showed my address bar and fonts fine.

There might be a way to customize your toolbar to re-enable it, or just try reinstalling it.

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Its there.. But not.. I can click where its supposed to be and blindly type the URL in and it’ll go. Then I have to blindly type my username and password in to get in my email. Also when any warning windows pop-up, they pop up but don’t say anything…

Tried reinstalling but still not working.. I wonder if theres a problem with leopard? are you using leopard?

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Here is where you can get pretty much every browser ever released.

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@Failstand I’m running it on tiger (I know, I’m lame), so that very well could be the issue.

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ie for mac and ie for windows uses a different rendering engine so using it to test for ie would be pretty meaningless. I’d reccomend ies4osx, but parallels or bootcamp are also great solutions.

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