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Can we talk about peameal?

Asked by trumi (6491points) August 23rd, 2009

I recently took an extended trip to Canada and discovered that REAL Canadian bacon (known as peameal) is pretty much the most delicious thing ever. I am not a big bacon fan, and I’m not a big pork chop fan, and I have to be in the mood for ham; little did I realize that our funny neighbors up north have combined the three to make the tastiest meat imaginable.

Have you ever had real Canadian peameal? Did you love it as much as I did? And if so, why can’t we get it in the US?

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“I am not a big bacon fan” Dude…. wtf is your problem

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I’ve not had it, but it sounds good.. probably much like British and Scottish bacon is nothing like American bacon. Scottish bacon was divine, I ate it with scrambled eggs and I still can’t get over how good it is.

And I’m with you, trumi, bacon is not my most favorite food. I don’t really get the general obsession with bacon or why everything must have bacon on it. I like it occasionally, usually on or in something, not just by itself.

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I’ve not had it but I did find a recipe to make it at home.

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This is one reason I love being Canadian. Sometimes at the store they offer an entire peameal loaf that you can plop in your oven and snack on for the next few days, let me tell you this is wonderful. The slices can be found year round.

I guess Americans just love their bacon and ham and sausage too much to give peameal a chance… a shame.

No doubt there’s a way to make it yourself, once I have a farm and raise some pigs, I’ll give it a shot!

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It’s just a cured, but not smoled pork loin which has been coated in cornmeal, (Tradionally yellow peameal was used.)

You can either brine in a liquid to cure, or use a dry rub

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Cured pork! Yummm!

I guess another difference between “Canadian bacon” and “bacon American US style” (because Canada is in North America, too!), besides the curing process, is the cut of the meat. As noted above the peameal is the loin, cut from the top of the rib cage. Bacon comes from the pork belly.

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