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My Macbook is making weird noises. Could that be affecting my wifi signal?

Asked by shimizu1006 (42points) August 24th, 2009

You know those noises your macbook hard drive makes when you boot it (duh-da-duh doo-da-dut)? My system starting making those noises randomly when I use my computer two or three times in a row. Also around the same time that started the wifi connection started to get really spotty. I can connect for 30 seconds and then nothing for 30 mins. Could these issues be related? And should I go to the genius bar?

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I hear bells ring when I boot my macbook pro up…but if you’re referring to like a weird sound that comes from the optical drive area / hard drive area, it’s like a weird clicking noise as if it’s engaging. If you had a disc inside the drive, it might keep trying to engage it upon boot up, as well as while your using it.

Are you too far away from the router? Is the router maybe too old and not sending a strong enough signal, and cutting out from time to time? Can you stay connected to other networks just fine or do you have these problems everywhere? Have you tried hard wiring it to the router?

I would take it to a genius bar, but there are a few things you can do to try and rule other factors out before making the trip.

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It sounds like there might be a software problem, by that I mean all the physical parts of the computer are fine, but some program running in the background is accessing your hard drive frequently and may also be interfering with your WiFi signal.

It is extremely rare on a mac but this sounds like a virus. Go to the genius bar. They fix everything :)

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I forgot to mention that the wifi works on all other computers in the house, so it’s definitely something wrong with mine ;| I have heard those clicking noises before too, after which my computer crashed. Luckily I only hear sounds from the drive similar to the sounds it makes when I boot. (Roughly sounds like a dj scratching a disk in slo-mo) I guess I will just have to make my rez at the Apple store then.

Thanks for the advice :)

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you are hearing your hard drive.

it is not affecting your wifi signal.

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I think Apple released an update regarding this problem. Lots of people have it. Check for new updates and install them.

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I updated through software update and everything seems to be better! Thanks!

how did I not think of that ;)

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