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Can you add another email to an MobileMe account?

Asked by willbrawn (6606points) August 24th, 2009

I want to get a MobileMe account, and my wife wants a new email. I heard that you can add another email account for an additional $10. That true? I cannot find anything online that says it.

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You could buy a family pack and get 5 accounts which is a deal, if you use all five. Dare to compare.

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Hm. This might have been true with .Mac, but I’m pretty sure it didn’t carry over to MobileMe.

@jpasq03 It’s still cheaper than buying two accounts.

@willbrawn Here’s the price list:

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There is a way you can make an alias like in GMail. I’ll try and find something for you.

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Okay I think I found out how to add an alias to a MobileMe account. I don’t have MobileMe by the way.

“Log into and go to the Mail screen. Then click the Action (gear) button and click Preferences. Under preferences, you can manage aliases with the “Aliases” button at the top of the window. The color code is applied to mail when its in your inbox so you can tell that it was sent to that account.”

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@TheCreative All email ends up in the same mailbox though, so it might not be appropriate for this case. Both people would be reading and managing each others email, which assuming they don’t have any privacy concerns, would get frustrating with some emails being marked unread when you didn’t read them, deleted, or moved by accident.

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I had a second email for my son with .Mac for $10.00 per year for several years. I changed to the Family Pack with MobileMe, because he is now 18 and has an iPhone, so I wanted him to have an iDisk, MobilMe Gallery, and more server space for his emails and such. As far as I know, it is still available as an option.

Log into MobileMe, go to Account Settings, and look at the Upgrade Options to see if it is offered. If it isn’t listed, call Apple and ask – I’ve learned that they don’t always make such options easy to find.

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