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What's the cheapest sound & lighting equipment for movie making?

Asked by give_seek (1151points) August 24th, 2009

I’m thinking about making a “no-budget” digital movie. This thing will be less than 15 minutes long. I have a camera and movie editing software. I still need sound and lighting equipment. Any suggestions on what equipment to purchase and where to purchase it?

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500w worklights from Home Depot are a popular choice. If you bounce them off white posterboard or walls, they soften up a good bit.

Can’t speak to sound.

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For cheap lighting, may I suggest you go to your local Home Depot or Lowe’s type store and buy clip-on Halogen work lights. That is what we used on several almost-no-budget independent films.

Ack! I see @grumpyfish beat me to it!

For sound, go talk to Radio Shack, and then buy what they say somewhere else that is cheaper.

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Or go to B&H

Just to look around.

But if you can, do not buy it from them. Look for beter deals.

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A flashlight and a taperecorder

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@bumwithablackberry Did that one, in an abandoned psych hospital and handhelds. It only really works in the horror genre. :-)

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Thanks for the suggestions!

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