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IIs it more dangerous for commercial planes to land in high winds, or does it not matter?

Asked by skfinkel (13511points) December 13th, 2006
Uust wondering.
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I mean "Is" and "Just"
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I think it is more dangerous. My husband's brother is a commerical pilot & he's mentioned that certain airports are more difficult to land at due to the weather in that area - if it's generally more windy, etc. Also, many airports will keep flights on the ground due to "high winds", so I'm assuming it makes it more dangerous.
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Yes, however a steady wind can even heavy can be adjusted for. The wind gusts are what make it dangerous. These can blow the plane off the runway. Watching planes land at Ontario Airport in CA can be very interesting, lots of windy days.
When I was learning to fly I actually found it easier to land with a 10 MPH cross wind than when it was calm.

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