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Where would you go if fluther closed down?

Asked by Jack79 (10984points) August 24th, 2009

I’ve just noticed the “AIROW refugees” profile, and heard about people coming over from and Askville. Personally I’ve only been on fluther, but it seems that internet communities over the years have been closing down almost as fast as they have been sprouting.

So where would you turn to if fluther had to close down?

(btw no alarm people, it’s NOT. This is just a hypothetical question)

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I’d probably go… outside. Or to a library. :)

I’m stealing someone else’s answer from a thread from long ago, but I’m not a fan of q and a sites. I’m a fan of fluther.

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To bed!

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With the demise of so many, Fluther seems to keep going and going.
IF and that’s a big IF, I would hope to keep up with friends at Facebook, and start doing my own research, like years gone by

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It won’t anytime soon, and by then who knows what strange and wonderful things the internet will have to offer?

Why speculate on my future browsing patterns? Seems pointless.

Not to mention, I’m sick of this question.

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Probably nowhere.

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Back to the 1898982 social networks I’m apart of.

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Aw man. AIROW. good times.

I’m already on another forum, fluther’s just the secondary thing I go to when I’m bored. It’s called thestudentroom. It’s primarily for helping out students in the UK with education stuff, but it’s got SO. MUCH. MORE. In fact, met a few people from there this summer, turned out to be awesome folks. Ah, the internet.

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Outside to live life seriously

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@teh_kvlt_liberal LIB. I don’t blame you. Tearjerking stuff man. when will that site be back up.

Also, TSR’s like the largest forum targeted towards people of education ages, I think. so it is well cool.

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Um I’d go back to looking for more apps endlessly, or still follow some flutherites in tumblr or
And I’d probably go cry in the corner of my room…

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I’d just stay on FB. I’d certainly NOT go back to Askville!

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People I met while on, we kept up on facebook and by e-mail and, people crossed over into the social sites, irl friends crossed over too so we’re all a happy kettle no matter what.

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Fark. It’s a different format but still gets my vote as the most
fun site on the web.

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i’d probably create my own site, and ask Ivan to be the first moderator.~

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I would go and read my book.

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I’d go to the liquor store, and pour one out for Fluther

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We’ll find out someday, don’t think Fluther is immune.

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@J0E would be the second moderator.

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@eponymoushipster I don’t get it…

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Right back to internet porn… Can you excuse me for a minute?

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I’d continue on sad, self destructive till AIROW comes back.

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities back? that’s why Al Gore created tabbed browsing…

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@eponymoushipster I know, but I’m no good typing with lefty.

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities mouse gestures, my friend. and your private facilities will stay happy. ;)

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this is such an education here

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Umm..I would go read a book or go to somewhere peaceful and just hang….
that would be very sad,I’ve made soo many good friends here and it would be sad to loose them :(

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Amidst the ruins, we would all somehow miraculously find each other, once again. In a coffee shop, perhaps, somewhere in an obscure, yet romantic little Tarentinoesque Mid-Western town, where they still offer truly free Wi-Fi and organic carrot cake, served by baristas with beehive hairdos sashaying to the passionate crooning that can only be found in a Roy Orbison mega-mix on a jukebox spinning nothing but vintage classic vinyl. Everyone would still be holding on to the precious memories of our life together generating words, collectively. Words. Words. All of us would sit there still burning with an urge to spawn a plethora of new words. And so, we would begin again. Oh yes. We would. Again. Begin once more, proposing questions for the future of a new life beyond the smoldering embers of Fluther. Designing a blueprint on a series of half used napkins linked together across a pathway of caffeine stained formica tables, collaborating on a map for the construction of a vibrant futuristic language farm where we could all flex our verbal dexterity, while heroically fending off all of the negativity simmering about our feet, attempting to rise up to spin pithy barbs full of snide comments with no other purpose than to take us all down. You know who they are. “No! Not this time! You can have Twitter!”, we all say. Ha! Oh yes, we would prevail. I am confident in that bold prediction. And when this new site is finally built, and the servers begin to sweetly purr, we will launch ourselves into a new age. Off into the world wide wisdom of wondrous discourse ahead of us. And, as a prelude to this historic journey, to properly celebrate the momentous occasion at hand, we would come up with a much better name.

Wouldn’t we?

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@FB – Well, either that or go over to Metafilter.

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Vark or DocType. Actually I’ve been using both more for questioning. Vark is more for like really quick responses whereas DocType is for technical web design stuff.

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I thought the plan was to visit TaoSan in Vegas, but since he’s dropped off the face of the earth, we’d all come to Greece to see you, picking up Lynn along the way…

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I am in complete agreement with @Likeradar. But first, I’d curl up into the fetal position for a few days. :(

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I’ll do my homework…Fluther helps me procrastinate. (:

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I would go back to making gifts for charity and spending more time with my blog contacts.

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I’d go back to video games, doing my hobbies, doing the chores that seem to get neglected due to my Fluthering, and resume searching for something fun on the Internet. Probably back to, Xanga, or something where I can share my wit and talk about Evelyn as if she were a real person.

The thought of there being no fluther makes me want to cry. I would pay to belong to Fluther before I would let it die.

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If fluther close down than one root is gone.The solution,take my self to another information rooter and start all over again.

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Fluther contains many good friends and the story of my life. I often think of it as a home to my memoirs, something of a legacy that would long outlive me, akin to the hand-carved stone pipes I’ve shared with many of my good friends here. If fluther’s demise predated mine? I would certainly miss interacting and sharing with everyone here, and since I would be checking out before long, I rather doubt I’d have the interest, energy or patience to invest in a similar site. We all have to go sometime. See ya….Gary aka wtf
gee, I hope we get some kind of notice so we can all redeem our lurve stamps

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@teh_kvlt_liberal Removed by Fluther moderators.

I was going to say Yahoo!answers, but I think @teh_kvlt_liberal got there before me :) If fluther should go down, I would probably rely on Google again. Maybe after I found some great answers on some Google suggested sites I might consider joining.

Unless of course we have time to prepare some kind of group effort and pick a new site we can collectively move to. Like many people here have already done at least once.

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I’d actually.. get.. out. Like outside. Like to a movie or dinner.

Wow, that sounds weird. I hope that never happens.

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If @Ivan is the mod on @eponymoushipster ‘s new site, I would go there because I would never have to worry about being spanked if I misbehave!

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O no, I forgot to knock on wood before answering. We’re doomed! Sorry guys my bad if fluther goes down.

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@markyy I will hunt you down, sir. ~

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Curl into the fetal position ever hopeful it came back , if it didn’t come back stay in the fetal position and die .
Is there anything else other than fluther to do ? All internets point to, it was the birth place of internets but not fathered by M$ luckily :)

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I’d just shift back to Metafilter, no problems with that.

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@seVen I must admit DroppingKnowledge intrigues me.

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on second thought, i’m gonna start a site, should fluther go bust, where a bot answers all your questions in the style of Norm Macdonald.


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A place that yet to be determined.

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I’d prolly drive cross country and go meet up with my fluther friends… bring Gary ( @whatthefluther ) and the missus a nice bottle of wine, grab some chipotle with @chelseababyy , go clubbing with @asmonet , Go for coffee and eventually binge on whiskey with that fucking monkey ( single malt only @eponymoushipster ), have a heated an circuitous debate with @mattbrowne (i think i’d have to fly to europe for that one), discuss the sad state of everything with @dynamicduo ,pick @augustlan ‘s wonderful and wise brain, smoke a joint for the first time in over a decade with @ABoyNamedBoobs03, might go geocacheing with @Tink1113, Do something most likely involving alcohol, eclectic music and maybe knives with @hungryhungryhortence, and way too many more things to list here… there’s be too much to do for me to go look for another site that would seem like home.

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@Dr_C I had to look up what geocacheing was…I’m in!

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@Dr_C throw beer and a possible run in with the law in there and it’s on, broseph.

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@eponymoushipster i thought the run in with the law was implied… but a pub-crawl involving micro breweries sounds like a plan too

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@Dr_C – You’ll like Europe. Give me a call! An American friend I met on actually came over to our house for coffee during one of his business trips.

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@mattbrowne I do love Europe. I spent time in an irish boarding school in the 90’s and was lucky enough to travel all over the continent… from spain, france, portugal, england, to germany, austria, Holland, Norway, Finland, and even ventured into eastern Europe… I also spent quite a few summers at grand parent’s place in Spain…have family in Madrid and Barcelona… next time i fly over i’ll drop a line!

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oh, don’t do it. :O

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To all of the other social networking sites that I use out there.

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@Dr.C: I’m here, bags are ready for road tripping and yeah, those items are a GO.

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How come I don’t get booze and weapons and run-ins with the law? <pouts>

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@augustlan: Hitch a ride with the good Dr. and all will be provided :D

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@augustlan & @hungryhungryhortence… there’s enough to go around!

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@Likeradar said exactly what I would have said, had I said it before her. ;)

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@Dr_C – Just came back from Isla Christina (Spain right next to the Portuguese border). Wonderful beaches!

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This would be the third site closing its doors in my face should it happen (hope not). I’d go outside, breathe some fresh air – and read Matt Brownes book cover to cover.

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Answer Bag. It kind of broke down for a little while but it is back up and running. Not the same but not too bad an alternative.

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I came here from primarily Help. The thought of seeing another great site and even better community die is just awful. I’d probably spend some time on as many Q&A sites as possible, to get a good feeling for what works and what doesn’t work, and why. I would knock on doors (figuratively) to get who I needed to put something new up. I would attempt to woo the best from a variety of sites, here, help, yahoo answers, mahalo, answerbag, wiki answers, yedda, metafilter, pointask, liveqna, etc.

Whether I would succeed or not…

Who knows?

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Fluther, why so soon?
1000 lurve not achieved
But I sadly move on.

—A crappy Haiku for Fluther’s mourning

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