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strong in short bursts throughout the day

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milk, and sugar

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esspresso and chocolate syrup

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With dessert, I like it black and/or as espresso, because I want it to complement whatever sweet I am eating.

With breakfast, usually with milk/cream, but sometimes black.

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always black. I can’t stand having cream and/or sugar in coffee. i dated a girl once who put 4 creamers and 12 sugars in her coffee. it no longer had the taste of coffee at that point—it tasted more like hot chocolate.

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ccatron’s gonna hate this…

robmandu’s office mocha latté on the cheap:
1. tall cup o’ coffee
2. one (1) packet of hot chocolate
3. three (3) creamers, recommend hazelnut
4. stir well
5. enjoy!

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Many different ways. Varity is the spice of life…as my mood changes so do my taste.

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forgot to mention honey when I want it sweet

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regularly, that means hourly in my terms.
I like the small spike of hot cocoa.

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just black/i was told when i started drinking coffe if your gonna add sugar or cream you mise well drink hot choclate/i just think we where

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Rich and smooth with a lot of milk (ideally, a well-done latte) and some sucralose or sugar.

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Far away, preferably in someone else’s house. I had my last cup of coffee 25 years ago – at 4:00 in the afternoon. After being awake the entire night, I switched to black and green tea.

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if i’m paying a ridiculous price anyway (starbucks), i want something frou-frou that i wouldn’t make at home like a soy peppermint white mocha. if i really need coffee at work, then some flavored creamer is necessary to compensate for the coffee quality. otherwise, black is best!

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I like i coffee like i like my women. Ground up and in my freezer. ^_^


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I like i coffee like i like my women. Hot, black, and full bodied. ^_^


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I like I coffee like I like my women: covered in whipped cream and little chocolate shavings.

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I like my coffee like I like my women: sweet and creamy.

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I like my coffee like my women, venti two pumps of sugar-free caramel, one pump vanilla, organic extra hot.

Figured I’d continue the trend.

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Re: trend; as Queen Victoria (and I) said, “We are not amused.” Uberman’s answer is gratuitious. and adding j/k does not make it funny.

@colog: nk makes your remark even more idiotic and offensive (to me at least and I am neither hot, black nor full-bodied.)

@science: remind me to keep my daughter, nieces and young women friends far, far away from you.

@:poser; just when we thought that you had evolved. Have you learned nothing?

@Perchik…we get it that you are continuing the trend. Most are usually sensible and sage.

Announcing that you are joking does not give anyone _carte blanche_to shoot his mouth off.

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“We welcome questions of all kind, with a few exceptions… Here are the collective guidelines ..
All content submitted to Fluther should be earnest, helpful, and productive (snark is fine, as long as it’s productive snark). Common sense will do you well…. things we do not accept on Fluther:

Content that is illegal, libelous, or harmful.
Content that is pornographic, obsene, hate-speech.
Content that is vague, confusing, or acts without the intention of sharing knowledge

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That taste (...) of that series of answers is questionable.

It has produced some things:

* I learned that practically any coffee description can be combined with “I like it like I like my women” to produce a joke of questionable taste and a risk of offending women. In company that isn’t offended though, and not meaning it offensively, there’s a lot of ironic lowbrow humor potential there. But further examples would be gratuitous – if I really want some crude irony, I can now apply it to any coffee description myself without sharing it with others. ;-)

* I was reminded that many women are offended by being related to in a way that men would compare to their appreciation for food and drink, and that lots of guys (whether for not knowing or not relating or caring) will make such jokes in mixed company anyway.

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the only time I have ever heard someone use the line was in the movie Airplane. the little girl said that she liked her coffee “black like her men”. I doubt that Airplane would make it as a hit movie in today’s society. It pokes fun at too many people.

Honestly, it was the first thing I thought of when I saw the question, but I agree, it probably shouldn’t be said.

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sweet, with milk, and difinitely with strong flavor of coffee.. coz if not, it would be then a “coffee flavored milk”..

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[coffee-like women joke self moderated]

I like to drink small amounts so I can drink more often.

I make a 3-cup press pot with Peet’s Italian Roast using an icecream scoop to add 3-scoops. (I’ll make 2–3 pots per day.)

Then, I add some vanilla soy milk in about a 6oz cup. I had a great week of high productivity using this formula drinking about 4 small cups throughout the work day / evening.

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With cream and sugar—In Boston, it is called a “regulah.”

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Black. I like the flavor of coffee.

Very rarely I will use artificially sweetended coffee creamers, but I highly dislike the flavor of sugar in my coffee.

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nah Im a tea drinker.

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