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What's the easiest way to record a phone call?

Asked by foonix (4points) August 25th, 2009

I’m about to cancel my credit card for the third time. Apparently the last 2 times, the customer service rep didn’t think I was serious. :-( I’d like to get it on tape this time if possible.

Any suggestions?

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Keep in mind: I don’t think it’s legal to record a phone call unless you inform the other party that you will be doing so. Maybe do the call on speaker phone and record with a tape recorder. Beyond that, I have no clue… sorry! Welcome to Fluther. :)

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Wow @augustlan I was writing the same answer and had to start all over again :P You definitely have to tell the other person that they are being recorded. However if you feel like they are stringing you along there might be another solution.

Here in Holland we have something called a signed delivery. Which means the postman will make sure the receiver signs for the package (sorry don’t know what US postal calls that). That would be just as much prove as a recording would be. Maybe even better because over here it is a commonly used and acceptable means to get prove, unlike a recording (which some might consider a bit controversial). There can be no tempering with audio or whatever.

So get their address and start writing!

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By the way, make sure you write two letters and give that sales rep a hard time. There is nothing I hate more than call centers and the people that work at them. Especially the people that bend all that is humanly acceptable to get whatever they are after.

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Did some more research. Found a site called that lets me make recorded calls.

Thanks for the answers guys! Yes, I’ll be sure to make sure they know I’m recording.

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Use the built in voice recorder on most modern mobiles, make a note of the person you spoke to and time . Companies like to forget about making notes on your account about calls.

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Definitely make sure the other person knows it’s being recorded. I used to be a debt collector and believe me…it’s a lawsuit if you don’t get permission for the recording.

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