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Have you ever sent a news related story to major news casters like CNN iReport?

Asked by seVen (3472points) August 25th, 2009 from iPhone

What was it about? Did it air on tv?

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I emailed a couple years back , twas about a whale stranded in the harbour . As expected it never aired they don’t care about these types of things .

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i once wrote a complaint to the tv station about a show they aired about UFO’s, specifically that they only interviewed the lunatics who sit below metal pyramids to make contact with aliens, and that they didn’t interview serious researchers like stanton friedman.
never got an answer.

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sandy, you should have sent an email to your local news, they tend to air stuff like that.

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@unit Local was already informed :) Are you starting to behave yourself ?

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As publicity officer for several organizations, I sent out notices of major activities of National interest, which were sometimes picked up, and sometimes not.

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I witnessed the last burial of a Confederate serviceman which took place in Magnolia Cemetery, Mobile on 28th July 2007. The remains were found in a Confederate ship which had sunk in the English Channel in 1864. It was a historic occasion with a large turnout from the Sons of Confederate Volunteers and ladies dressed in period costume and mourning black. I sent pictures and a brief description to CNN in Atlanta and heard no more about it.

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