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What is the easiest way to start a webpage?

Asked by LauratheRockStar (182points) January 17th, 2008

I’m sure this has been asked before. I would like to have the teens that I work with create a webpage for the Brattleboro area Boys and Girls Club. I have no idea where to start. I am wondering what is the cheapest easiest way to go, for totally non trained computer folk to make a simple and attractive webpage. Thanks!!!

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PS. No MySpace allowed!

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Well, basically you need to find someone able to teach them HTML and CSS. Then you need somewhere to “host” the websites – if this club already has its own website than you can probably work something out through the person that maintaines that website.

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If you’re looking for something even simpler and more lightweight than Vincentt’s “brick and mortar” solution (which is good), you might want to play with some complete online website makers. Here are two I know of:

It really depends on what you want to the kids to learn.

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I believe that if you want it to be a fun project and let them get some knowledge about it would go for ben’s idea because with that they are going to start building and actually webpage (in its visual construct), but also maybe tell them a bit of what is going in the background (HTML, CSS). That way the page is done in less time (with some limits of creativity), but they leave with a seed of what happens behind the curtain.

However if you have time in your hands, I’ll recomend vincentt’s really, nothing beats knowing what’s behind the curtain to create the great visual display in front of it.

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don’t know if you’ve looked into it yet but online journalling is free and many blog sites come with templates. is an example but there are a ton of these-all free and accessible from any computer with a web browser-very little setup and no html/css necessary.

I think with all the options mentioned so far the thing to consider is: what do you intend for the students to be able to do with the site (what is the purpose if the site) and what is the purpose of the lesson?

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Something that hasn’t been mentioned is—if you have access to a Mac—to use iWeb, Apple’s website authoring tool. It’s super easy to use and has many professionally designed templates you can use to get started.

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Amazing! I knew the Fluther Community wouldn’t let me down.

So, I’m sort of limited because we don’t have a Mac and I am in Semi Rural VT. I do not know HTML or CSS nor do I know anyone in this town who does (though I’m sure there are folks). Also, some of these kids are failing basic math. I would LOVE to give them some of the background (if I can figure out how to do that) and use the easier web page stuff. This solution sounds PERFECT! There is no current web page, we are starting from scratch.

Please, keep the advice coming, I’ll start checkin’ all this stuff out soon and post what seems like it’ll work.

Now, I just need an option to be able to print this page. :-)

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check out
both offering free website design based on customizable templates.

As an added bonus, I believe both sites also allow you to create your own domain, meaning your website would not be, but rather

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Tumblr is literally the easiest and the most simple way to start your own website. It takes less than 30 seconds to launch your own site and after that posting things on tumblr is as simple as it can get. It was named as one of the 50 best websites of 2007 by Time Magazine
As for changing the background, TUmblr lets you pick Themes and allows you to change the color of objects on the form (like background color, links) by using a simple color picker. Give it a try, it won’t take long and trust me, it is the EASIEST platform to build websites

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usually i ll do a sketch and then create a pic in photoshop to give some idea of how the website will looks likem,and if everything is ok,then write the codes,first, html and then css,and finally javascript

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actually why not buy a template if u hope the work cheaper and easier?
<a href=“”></a>

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Just host it on blogger. It has ready to use templates. I bet you wont be needing lots of customization and stuff for a club page. Moreover, its easy and you don’t need any IT skills.

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@jdvanderk: I’m doing a website through webnode, and it’s been very easy to use. Thanks! One question, though. How do I get it to just be instead of If it helps, I did register the domain name for what I want.

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Creating a website through the hPage Website Builder has been very easy for me. It’s an affordable website builder where you don’t need to learn coding to create your own website. I have hosted with them for years and I can say that their customer service is so reliable and good. Moreover, I have hundreds of templates to choose from. in case you are interested.

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