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What is the cheapest way to go to Taipei, and when is the best season to go?

Asked by LauratheRockStar (182points) January 17th, 2008

I’d like to visit a friend in Taipei. I am pretty poor.

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One of the cheapest ways is by working for an airline or an air courier service. If you have plenty of time, you could try finding passage on a cargo ship. But most people will spend between $900 and $1500 to go to Taipei.

As far as the best season, it really depends on what kind of weather you like. The winter is the rainy season in Taiwan (say November to April). It gets really hot in the summer and the city is very congested with traffic and smog from motorcycles. But there’s not as much rain!

Personally, I prefer the spring or fall because you can visit Yang Ming Shan or Ali Shan, which are national parks with wonderful hiking and gorgeous views.

There are plenty of Taiwanese people who want to practice their English. Maybe you can make friends with some before you go.

Taiwan is rather westernized (compared to China) when it comes to commercial interests and entertainment, but their food and family life is still very much Chinese.


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