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Did Chuck jump out at you ?

Asked by sandystrachan (4407points) August 25th, 2009

I am referring to the 3d version of the hit show Chuck that just finished , did you think it was worth the time and experience watching the show with the glasses on . Did the action shots jump out at you , or do you think it was pointless a waste of time and shouldn’t have been in 3d .
For me it didn’t really work i had the glasses and they were on the right way it just spoiled the show for me was utterly pointless and should have just been in standard vision .

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Oh, thought you were talking about the dude from space, nevermind.

FYI, yeah. He’s always trying to scare me. Jumps from dumpsters in his Postal Service uniform, hides in my closet, etc.

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I was indifferent. It didn’t give me much of a thrill, but didn’t bother me, either.

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Oh, I thought that you were going to be asking about AstroChuck!

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Me too. F**k Chuck!

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I didn’t have the 3D glasses, but I remember thinking when that episode first aired that the quality of the writing was much worse than all the other episodes I’d seen. It felt to me like the plot was forced – like they were writing specifically to create the 3D moments, and the rest of the episode didn’t really matter. Overall, I wasn’t impressed.

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This show is still on TV?

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Like @answerjill, I thought you were talking about that silly 6 year old mailboy.


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@eponymoushipster Season 2 in the uk , @Grisaille If you read the link you would have known ., :P

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<<jumps out>>

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Has it stopped in the States ? How many seasons did they make , i don’t understand why they don’t release things on the same day or atleast show it local time in different places roughly the same week . Did you get the 3d episode or was that a uk exclusive ??

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@sandystrachan no, there was a 3d episode here as wel, but it was in the autumn here, i believe. as for series 3, i believe it was renewed, but i’m not sure.

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It’s still on here. According to NBC’s website the new season starts March 2010.

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why you saying that…......

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@potter What did you say that got modded ?

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