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"Its so cold in the d how the f*ck do we suppose to keep peace" origin/story?

Asked by patg7590 (4608points) August 25th, 2009

I recently saw Blink 182 at DTE music theater in Clarkston, MI and at the end of the show, mark sang this chorus over and over:

“Its so cold in the d how the fuck do we suppose to keep peace”

I looked the song up and found the lyrics etc, but was wondering, is there more of a history to this song? Anything special about it other than mentioning Detroit? Some social unrest that inspired it?


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It’s a joke man. He was making fun of this horrible music video and song on youtube from some Detroit chick named T-baby. It’s utterly ridiculous. She makes the D look bad. Dilla is probably shaking his head at the sight of that minstrel show. Here’s the video. Watch it and weep.

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@SuckaFreeCitizen ...........................

…I will never get those minutes back…. I blame you.

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@ABoyNamedBoobs03 Hahahaha. I know, me neither. Hence, the warning… “watch it and weep.”

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@SuckaFreeCitizen yeah but when someone says “watch it and weep” you expect it to be hyperbole, my music taste is sobbing off in a corner somewhere, lol christ that was like pistol whipping a blind, just brutal.

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@ABoyNamedBoobs03 LMAO! Your right. I’m sorry. I think I peed myself a little.

@patg7590 If you’d like to see a decent music video about real unrest in Detroit from real Detroit artists, check this out: LOCUSTS. It’s a docu-music video. They’ve even played it on CurrentTV quite a bit.

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