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HELP!!! I'm posting this question for my daughter because her computer will not work!

Asked by peggylou (1136points) December 13th, 2006
If anyone out there can help her, we would REALLY appreciate it! Here's the behavior of her computer: It takes ½ hour to start up; then it just kind of freezes, and the hard drive light stays on and on. If she waits long enough, something will eventually finish, and then she can start something else and but she just has to wait and wait. She has deleted the last 3 programs that she installed. She's run her spyware with no negative results. She's run her registry program to scan the registry for problems with no negative results. She's defragged the hard drive about 46% before it stopped responding. It’s not frozen like a computer does when it’s totally broken and no lights will light up or it won’t do anything. The hard drive light is on and running and running and running. Can anyone help her out?!! Thanks!
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I had that problem and it turned out to be a worm virus. the worm i had actually screwed with the circuitry and eventually fried the motherboard, making the computer essentially broken and not worth fixing. If she can get it to run long enough to back up important files on a cd, then run the recovery disks and start from scratch. run a antivirus program, not just a spyware program, to check for viruses. also, do a disk check by going to the c drive properties dialog, tools tab, error check option. this will scan for bad sectors of the hard drive which may be the reason for the defragmenting stopping mid way.
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Could also be that the hard drive is in the throes of death
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I'd run a disk utility to scan for bad sectors, etc.
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If it is around 3 years old and running windows, it's simply coming to the end of its lifespan.

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