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Is there a Fluther app for Blackberry?

Asked by Evan (810points) January 17th, 2008

so… is there? Or maybe a mobile web version? Will the iPhone version work? could it be modified, if it doesn’t work? is there anything in the works?

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Yes, a full-on mobile version of Fluther is in the works.

In the meantime, I think our normal site works decently well on a Blackberry. I checked it on someone’s Blackberry at one point and it seemed alright, but I can’t swear to this.

I can’t speak to how the iPhone-optimized version works on a Blackberry, but I’d be interested in hearing about it.

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I would love to see how the iPhone-optimized version works on a blackberry but you would need to include the URL to it in your post… The main URL for fluther does not load well on the blackberry. Curve / T-Mobile. Takes too long to load. You guys should set up ‘’ and clean up the code a bit to make it lean and fast.

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Currently, the iPhone version lives at Check it out on you blackberry…

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I tried the normal site last night on my Pearl and it was PITA. BB App would be most flutheriffic :)

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@ben Just be sure to let us know when there IS a BB app… cause I want to add it :)

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Discovered that if you install Opera Mini on your BB you can then access Fluther normally.

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So… a BB Fluther app out yet?

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@bob_ Not yet. I’d recommend Opera Mini for the time being.

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