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Best place to print quality T-Shirts?

Asked by crunchaweezy (1733points) August 26th, 2009

I have setup an account on and now I need to find the best place to get a shirt printed with a custom design. Now I want the top quality stuff, not the cheapest you can find.

Price isn’t an issue, just quality. Has anyone used services that print a custom T-shirt and have something good to say?

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I would look up a print shop rather than using one of the major websites. I loved working with a print shop that I could discuss the design with and get advice and production ideas; how to print gradients well, and so on. Often you’ll end up paying around the same, and can specify the t-shirt and exact printing method you’re looking for.

Just look up t-shirt printers on your location’s equivalent of, call a few and describe what you’re wanting to do and get an idea of price. Then pay to have a test print done (if they can’t do that, which is quite common, then pay for a garment sample and ask for some photos of a similar print they’ve done).

Note: You might need to order 30+ tees to start getting a reasonable fee.

Good luck!

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I use Vista-Print for my Evelyn shirts and business cards, they do good work, and will allow you to upload just about any artwork you want.

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Hey, good question!

My company, Storenvy, offers high-quality screen printing (we also have a FREE do it yourself online store system like BigCartel).

“Storenvy Home”:
“Storenvy Printing”:

You can also see a bunch of our sample printing here:

We have some of the best quality in the business!
Feel free to Google us or check out what others are saying about us on this t-shirt design website:

OR here is one posts for references:

We’re a small team and very easy to work with. And feel free to email us at if you have any questions!

Hopefully that wasn’t over-the-top on the whole self-promotion thing. :-)


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I’ll probably be ordering like tests from different places to test drive.

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I agree with richardhenry on using a print shop for a really great, uniquely designed t-shirt. But there are good services online with good products that are incredibly convenient. I’ve used both Photobox and Vista Print in the past. I was pleased with both, the quality was good and Vista Print always seem to have some kind of deal on! They won’t produce designer clothing! Just simple designs using images that you’ve uploaded. I know Snapfish have a similar service that might be worth checking out. [link removed by Fluther]

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I think that redbubble is pretty awesome! It’s easy to use too. Quality is great. I think you should try it. I hope this helps! Have a wonderful day!

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