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Why Isn't The Keyboard Working On My MacBook Pro?

Asked by Fred931 (9429points) August 26th, 2009

I was using Xcode’s Interface Builder on my MacBook Pro, trying to type in data for a label that I had just inserted into a view (Just typing a name for a label, if you don’t understand that part), when I realized I couldn’t type anything in. I could delete it, but then I couldn’t type anything back. I opened Safari to come ask you flutherers, but I couldn’t type anything there either. Same story when I opened Opera.

After a restart, i tried opening interface builder again to see if it would work this time, just to repeat what i explained just then. So now, I’m asking Fluther on another computer while a virus scan is operating on the MacBook Pro.

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Virus scan came out negative. I’m going to try restarting the mac again.

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Nevermind – I accidentally turned mouse keys on. :P

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