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So, what to eat after a work out?

Asked by Glow (1366points) August 26th, 2009

Well, Ive been around the web and ive seen answers that are long winded and not specific. I want to know, what should a person eat and what should they NOT eat after a work out/run if they want to lose weight? For example, i heard spaghetti was a bad idea to eat for dinner after a work out… is it? Or just noodles in general. People keep saying eat protein, but thats not specific enough for me!

I just want to make sure im not making a mistake with my eating, because I hear that mostly women tend to gain weight because they over eat after a work out :P

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Something low carb, and healthy of course! Maybe a salad with girlled chicken slices on top :] Protien and vegetables. Also drink chocolate milk, it helps your muscles! You’ll know what’s bad to eat, and what’s good to eat :D

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so why low carb? O_o

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Since you just went running you burned up carbs. Why would you want to eat more carbs if you just worked them off? :]

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it’s light and packed full of protein, and is damn tasty. a nice fillet with some lemon, and black pepper, mmmhhmmmm.

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Grilled chicken is your friend. So is tuna. And eggs.

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@AlyxCaitlin ah ok, i see what you mean. I guess im not too knowledgeable on how carbs work in the body ^^;

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Liquid protein within 15 minutes of working out will go directly to your muscles to immediately start the recovery process. Anything with protein really, but the liquid will get there faster and you’ll be ready for the next workout.

I was an athlete in college. We had morning practice and then a second workout in the afternoon. My senior year, we started getting a scoop of a whey protein called SPR-3 mixed into 8 oz of water. (It tastes like lemon jello at first.) By the time second workout of the day came around, I felt ready to go. It really changed the way I was able to train that year.

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Chocolate, mostly.

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@Glow – if you do eat any carbs, make them whole-grain, good carbs. No white rice or white bread or potatoes. They don’t have the nutrients that whole grains and sweet potatoes have and further, quickly break down into sugar. A banana, a boiled egg, some slices of tomato or cucumbers or zucchini or a bit of tuna mixed with mustard on a few whole grain crackers would suit. Some of these foods may have a -cose in them, but also have other important nutrients.

Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants. – Michael Pollan

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@row4food I hate summer practices…...

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Do not eat anything that has carbohydrates. Carbohydrates acts as an insulin so your body won’t be able to absorb growth hormones.

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Infants and razorblades

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you should only eat fuzzy huggable critters alive sparingly though, no matter how tasty it is

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The answer to most fitness-related questions is, itself, a question: what are your goals? To build muscle? To get huge? Then eat everything in site after a workout. To lose bodyfat? To get a six pack? Then eat…nothing for about 30–60min after a workout. Why? In a word—to burn more fat while your GH is spiked.

And then when you do eat, don’t worry too much about the macronutrient profiles (how much protein/fat/carbs) because research has shown that, over time, for losing and gaining weight, all that really matters is whether you’re at a surplus or a deficit.

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How about yogurt after a workout? Lowfat yogurt (or full-fat, if you’re so inclined) is tasty and full of protein. Just make sure it doesn’t have a ton of sugar in it—Trader Joe’s makes many tasty lowfat varieties without HFCS.

Or you could make your own yogurt and put what you like in it.

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As many have said, if you are trying to lose weight, then limit the calories and try to keep those you take in shortly after to lo-carb and high protein. For this, milk, yogurt, nuts, lo-fat meat, fish or protein bar/shake would probably be the best bet. A good piece of advice for losing weight is to not eat to much at any one time, but to eat more frequently throughout the day. This avoids spikes of blood sugar that can result in metabolic sequestering of fat. Also important is to not spend to much time hungry/fasting, as your body’s response is to slow metabolism in response to shortage of calories. Set a target range of calories per day (this can vary depending on age, gender, body size and activity), space them out as evenly as possible, eat roughly equal portions of lo-fat protein (see above) and whole grains (100% whole wheat bread, brown rice, etc.) and get the rest of your calories from a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables.

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go healthy! eat some vegetables and grilled chicken,nott fried! but try to regain all that energy that you used with natural food,nott artificial! :) that shall work

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Eat oatmeal with some grains/nuts or fruits. The fiber will be good for you, good carbs. They also fill you up faster and longer since they expand. The grains/nuts are for some protein and vit e. Fruits are good to add some taste and other vitamins such as vit c. Milk with the oatmeal provides a healthy mix of whey and casein protein. Whey protein breaks down and is easier absorbed by the body. While casein will be absorbed later on. Good since your body is repairing itself until the next workout session.

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To lose wight or get abs you should do what im gonna tell you cuz this helped me with my abs. Right before you go to sleep you should get cottage cheese and put healthy olive oil over it and it a few spoons. This will make your metabilism work during night and since what ur eating is halthy ur of course gonna lose wight. thats what happened to me.

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Wait! after you just worked out you should wait a little to eat. And right after you eat don’t go to sleep or lay down!,its really bad for you, pshhh i should know :)

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After I like low fat chocolate milk

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@Robles: Chocolate milk ftw! It is great after a workout because it has the perfect balance of protein and sugar.

Another great option is simply a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. You can eat half of a sandwich before your workout so that will give you an adequate amount of energy before. After, it provides a good balance of protein and sugar

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A banana (potassium), a huge chicken breast (protein), and some veggies (vitamins).

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milk for a drink, then eat something full of carbs as soon as you can. For example brown bread tuna sandwich. Depends on what time you go to the gym.

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If the workout is an easier workout then have a lighter meal (Ex. Chicken, Rice, Squash) but if your workout was a harder workout then you want Carbohydrates and Proteins. Why? Because your body needs them in order to keep healthy. If you do not eat plenty of those 2 types of food, the risk of you getting sick increases because your body is tired and your immunity systems are down. A way to get the carbs you need is to have a roll or 2 with your meal. As for protein, you could get protein shake mix or you could eat meat and eggs. especially eggs as they are healthy and high in protein. Also, you want to get to bed at a reasonable time, too. Your body needs at least 8 – 9 hrs of sleep every night to fully recover. If you don’t get enough sleep, your muscles will be strained and the risk of injury increases greatly.

P.S. noodles are a form of pasta and all pasta is high in carbs. You don’t want all those carbs unless your sure you are gonna be able to burn it off the next day. if you have something important the next day and it requires a lot of energy, I recommend having a pasta dinner. If not, it’s probably a good idea to avoid pasta.

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@AlyxCaitlin Carbs = Energy but Excess Carbs = Fat. It’s always a good idea to replenish your carbs after working out. Many people think that all carbs are bad but really they are important to being able to function properly because without them, you wouldn’t have sufficient energy.

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