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How do i fix my main water shut off valve?

Asked by grntwlkr (179points) August 26th, 2009

Someone turned my main water shut off valve off while i was gone. When they did this they snapped the metal that stops the valve from going too far in one direction. Now when I turned the valve back on Water pours out of the adjacent faucet even when the faucet is tightly off. It does not leak out of valve, but comes out of the faucet. Any ideas of how to fix this?

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There is a washer inside the faucet that needs to be replaced. This is probably why the main was turned off in the first place.

Turn off the water. Remove the handle from the leaky faucet. Remove the cap. You can see the washer on the post. Take the whole thing to a hardware store. They can help you.

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@PerryDolia Nicely done!
@grntwlkr Welcome to Fluther. Lurve.

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I took the head of the faucet off. (what you attach the hose to) the washer on that is fine, but I think I see that the rubber washer on the inside of the faucet head is broken. I can’t get to that washer because it is inside the faucet. I tried to remove the faucet all together but it is on there really good and I can’t get it off, plus it has been painted over and the paint is in the nuts.

1. does it sound like a washer problem?

2. how do I get the faucet off?


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I do know that the city in which you live should have a shut off valve in your front yard, so they can turn your water off all the eway, allowing you time to fix everything with no threat of water spurting everywhere.

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Welcome grnwlkr =)
I’ve a question to ask first.
Is your home in a housing track or do you live in a rural area? If housing track, you need to first contact your local Water company so they can shut the water off from the actual mainline to your home. (their line is usually by the curb or sidewalk in front or your house).

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This from first hand experience. Besides have a plumbing contractor in the family. As said by @EPZ.

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