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How do I transfer music from my iPod to computer?

Asked by fortune425 (58points) January 17th, 2008

I accidentally deleted some music from my Mac that is still saved on my iPod. How can I copy it from my iPod back to my Mac?

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I found this software last week while looking for add-ons for firefox. Both of them are for copying music from your iPod onto your computer. You need to have OS X 10.4 or higher for Senuti. iPodDisk didn’t specify any software requirements other than OS X. I really hope this helps. Let me know if you are successful.

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iPod access for windows or mac its what I use and its great

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I’ve used iPod disc for a while, and love it, it’s pretty reliable!

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I use Senuti and it’s wonderful :)

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Get a utility like Senuti, which can connect to your iPod and automatically copy songs direct back to your iTunes music library. If you use a “manual” tool like iPodDisk you’ll need to copy the files to a folder somewhere and then add them to iTunes by dragging them to the music library window.

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Senuti all the way.

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I just had a good experience with iPodRip.

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