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Have you ever been fooled by spam or something similar to that?

Asked by DominicX (28762points) August 26th, 2009

I mean, after a while, it became apparent that this person was not who he seemed to be because some of his responses sounded fake, but I was talking to someone on here through PM who seemed legit at first and I gave them serious responses. And then of course what does he do but ask for pictures of me naked. Bleh.

I feel so violated. :\

But I’ve never been fooled by spam email or anything. Luckily. :)

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I’m sorry to hear someone pulled this on you, you don’t deserve to be treated that way.

I’ve been fooled several times by spam folks, and I even had my credit card number stolen years ago and lost $400 to a scammer in France. I lost almost $800 to a scam just recently. Fortunately, my credit card company honored my dispute both times and never charged me a dime either time.

People will try and fuck you (and not in the good way) given the chance. As you get older (and this is no dig at your youthfulness) you will learn to see the signals of those who are out to do you harm. Listen to your gut feelings, they are rarely wrong.

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Seriously, though.

Show me your boobs!

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Wow, that’s terrible. And I agree that your gut feelings are rarely wrong; it does seem to be true.

And I wouldn’t have taken that as a dig at my youthfulness; I’m sensitive, but not that sensitive.


Oh yeah, you’d love that wouldn’t you… :P

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I have never been spammed by email or such. Thank goodness! But I’ve been stalked online, kinda creepy at first till I found out who it was. This person would follow me wherever I went, in posts I posted, everything. That person still comes around from time to time. (yes I know) but doesn’t bother me, just watches everything I do.

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Yeah. I once thought it was ham I was eating.

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Have you reported this to one of the mods or Bendrew?

Could they track the IP number and ban this jerk?

Don’t take this the wrong way but you really are adorable. (I’m a female old enough to be your Mom and you are gay so I’m not hitting on you or anything)

You just have those cute little cheeks that I’ll bet your Grandmas and Aunts love to pinch much to your embarassment. I’m just sayin’....


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Before!, but now i can easily guess if a person just wanted to fool around.

It’s better to treat the internet “life less serious” than being too serious with online people you don’t even want to be acquainted with and that includes spammers.

The only advice I can give you is revenge. I used to redirect spammers to virus sites. Well it doesn’t help the situation right? But they deserve it :D

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@Buttonstc he is indeed cute, and adorable, his boyfriend is a lucky guy. =)

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He was banned before I could do anything so I’m sure they figured it out soon enough. I noticed when his comments on my profile were suddenly gone even though I hadn’t deleted them.

And wow….you don’t know how much I’m blushing right now… ^_^


It was too late when I thought maybe I should’ve just linked him to Goatse.


He is. And I am equally lucky. :)

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Yep. Back in middle school my friend sent out this email with a link to a crush compatibility calculator. He said that he and his girlfriend had gotten 98% so he was pretty sure it worked. The email was in his own voice so I took his word for it, clicked on the link, and put mine & my crush’s names into the calculator.

(We got 78%)
... and our names were sent back to my friend. He teased me relentlessly.

Never again.

PS: It sucks that that happened to you. :(

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That reminds me of those things people would link to on the internet that supposedly looked up information about you if you entered in certain information. Total joke. Luckily, the guy who was posting it was a notorious copy/paster so I knew what to expect.

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