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What should i use to draw on shoes?

Asked by drpoop (83points) August 27th, 2009

I have recently purchased a pair of white canvas shoes for rather cheap and was thinking of drawing my own design on them, the only problem is that i don’t know what to use to draw on them, i’m scared spray paint will rub off, paint will chip and so on…
Also what should i draw on them, i have a few ideas but,i’m open to suggestion

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Fabric paints from the craft store?

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Sharpies! Best thing for drawing on canvas – and they come in a million colors and pen sizes, so you can do pretty much anything with them.

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get Sharpies of varying tip thicknesses and different colors.

::EDIT:: dang it, beat me to it by that much. ;)

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fabbric makers

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Shoes are meant to be worn, not to be drawn on!!!
There are kids in third world countries without any shoes!

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@eponymoushipster I had a feeling you were gonna say Sharpies – that’s why I was typing extra fast! ;)

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@sdeutsch stop squeezing my mind grapes! well, it was that, or the old jr high standby of White Out.

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Oooh, I’d forgotten about white out – that’s a good idea too!

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Sharpies, then try to find some spray to seal it with if you want extra longevity. You can get sharpies in almost every color nowadays so there’s plenty of variety. I once painted on my shoes with acrylic paint and sealed it, but the paint was not flexible enough to stand up to wear and tear when it moved around.

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break out the bedazzler

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Sharpies will leach colour when they get wet , use fabric pens / paints or use sequins

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Sharpies for sure. You might want to use some kind of spray varnish (clear sealer that they sell in the spray paint section for various uses, I used it last when I painted pottery and didn’t want it to come off) but be careful about how the shoes are when you do it because I can imagine them getting a little to a lot hard when the varnish dries.

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I drew on my white Converse All-Stars with Sharpies way back in 1969, and amazingly enough, I not only still have them but the colors are still bright. One pair I did in purple and orange, and the other in red, white and blue. So Sharpies are definitely the way to go. And you don’t need to put any sort of varnish over the color. Just leave them be.

However, if your parents bought the shoes for you, you might just make sure they are okay with your plans.

Otherwise, have fun.

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Acrylic paints are waterproof and dry fast. They’re also much more effective than sharpies and I imagine fabric paints as well. Aside from that, acrylics are essentially MEANT to be used on canvas.

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Both sharpies and acrylic paints are extremely waterproof and permanent when you get them on your favorite shirt or shorts, but when you are deliberately putting them somewhere you want them to stay, it is hard to say!!!

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You could use colored shoe dyes. They are specifically designed for shoes.

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I have a friend who starts with a marker/sharpie on canvas shoes. But then she’ll paint it over with acrylic colors and black acrylic paint for the outlines since sharpies/markers tend to bleed when wet. If you really want to stick with sharpies/markers, spray it over with a sealant.

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what do you plan to draw on then =] !?!?!?!?

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I’ve had success with permanent marker.

Back in the day I wanted plaid Converse hi tops. they didn’t exist. I bought a pair of them in natural canvas color and painstakingly drew in the plaid with red and black markers.

I used the same technique to make a pair of plain white Keds into saddle shoes.

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