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Can one change the Google Calendar colors?

Asked by Evan (810points) August 27th, 2009

I know that Google offers many colors for your multiple different Google Calendar calendars, but the problem is: THEY ARE TERRIBLE. Is there any possible way (i’m thinking code, firefox addon, mana from heaven) to change these AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL pastel craptastic Google Calendar colors? Pleeeease?

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I assume there’s some way to do it via a custom Greasemonkey script, but I wouldn’t know how.

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Do you mean the colors for the labels or the calendar itself? If you mean the calendar itself you can enable background image option in the New: Labs features at the top right of the screen. Then you can use any picture you like for you calendar back ground, not sure it will do exactly what you want but is a nice feature. There isn’t a direct way to change the label color selections that I know of at least.

BTW – if you use greasemonkey check out these scripts, “GCal Event Color Codes”, “Google Calendar – Today’s Color”, “GCal Event Color Codes – modified” and “Google Calendar Change Todays Color” I don’t use them but they seemed interesting.

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@limeaide – i’ve looked at greasemonkey some, but haven’t used it ever. i’ve read that it can slow down browsing, even on a high end machine, but I wouldn’t know as i haven’t tried it yet. I did in fact mean the labels, not the calendar background.. but maybe they’ll get to that soon. thnx tho!

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@Evan I’ve never experienced any slowness issues with greasemonkey. I could see depending on what users cripts you used some could cause issues. They are written by users of the plugin some scripts are better than others and maybe the slowness was caused by a specific script.

BTW – you may want to look at this.

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@limeaide – that is freeeeeking amazing. almost exactly what i was looking. you’re a champ!

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@Evan which one did it for you. By the way the colors for the Gmail labels aren’t any better.

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@chris_flutherz – the last link h sent was the one.. :)

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