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What is your favorite group of teas?

Asked by growler (403points) August 27th, 2009

To be specific, do you prefer black, green, white, red, rooibos, herbal, chais, etc.? Feel free to propose one not listed here. If you have a favorite tea or reason why you prefer that group, please enlighten the collective.

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Oolong, because it tastes so smooth!

I also like roasted seeds, like barley and corn. They have a good earthy flavor without caffeine.

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A simple black tea does it for me. I’m easy to please. :)

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I love black tea and white teas. I have a couple of green that I like, but most are too harsh tasting.

My favorite tea is silver needles, a white tea. Among the blacks, I love jasmine, darjeeling, a hearty English breakfast, cardamon tea.

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Oh you said teas not tease… I got nothin then.

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I like green and herbals. Black will stain your teeth.

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I’m a traditional man myself and can’t start the day without a cup of hot Yorkshire Tea with milk and one sugar.

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Start the morning with Republic of Tea Mango Ceylon (black),
mid-day Numi Monkey King Jasmine Green.

Each in its own way is the most delicious teas I have tasted.

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But seriously
I like this Tea
And this tea

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Generally black, although there are a few green teas that I like.

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Rooibos (you just gave me an idea…going afk to make some)

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1. Black teas
2. Oolong teas
3. Certain Chai teas

in that order.

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I prefer black, chai, and white. Black is the current favorite, specifically Irish Breakfast. Can’t do without it on a regular basis.

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Black, then tisanes like chamomile and whatnot.

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Green tea is easily my favorite. I just finished out my Earl Grey green tea and have just ordered this hopefully delicious stuff :).

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I prefer black teas, but (unless it’s iced) I prefer them to be flavored!

This is one of my favorites:

(I’m not affiliated; I just think it’s delicious!)

I also like barley tea, a.k.a. mugicha. It sort of tastes like Cheerios, but in a good way. :)

I don’t have anything against green teas; I do prefer Japanese to Chinese green tea (i.e. matcha to traditional green tea), but I often can’t get it to brew correctly (right temp, right time, etc) and black tea is one of those ‘fix it, go do your makeup, then it’s done’ things.

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@Sampson That looks pretty delicious. I’ll have to try it… I’m not really a green tea person, but I’m open to expanding my horizons.

@evegrimm That blend sounds unearthly. Must try.

Does anyone know the kind of tea served in Asian (sorry to generalize) restaurants? I’ve had it in Thai, Chinese, and Japanese restaurants. You know, the stuff served in the tiny white cups. I love that stuff.

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Just a guess…Chinese black tea (as opposed to, say, Indian)?

Or are you talking about the green tea they serve?

OTOH, many people say that tea tastes better in porcelain…so the tea you’re drinking in those restaurants could be identical to other teas!!

Who knows.

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@growler I got that tea in the mail today. It smells like candy.

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@Sampson Oooh, candy tea! My chocolate chai (arrived yesterday) smells deliciously sweet.

@evegrimm Thanks for the input :)

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