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Are the new batman movies supposed to follow the comic books more closely?

Asked by Fallstand (1130points) January 17th, 2008

Was he really trained like they showed in Batman begins? and does Morgan Freeman’s character play a role in the comics? or is this all Hollywood written?

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The new movies follow the comics a bit more closely than the previous films, but not 100%
For instance, the training we see Bruce Wayne undergo in the film Batman Begins, was only a small part of what Wayne did in the comic (and it wasn’t with Ra’s Al Ghul). According to the comic book continuity, Bruce Wayne traveled the world for about ten years studying with dozens of different people- fighters, detectives, gymnasts, magicians, etc, to learn all the skills he would eventually combine to become Batman.

Morgan Freeman’s character, Lucius Fox, does appear in the comic, as CEO of WayneTech, but he is much further removed from Bruce’s secret life than in the film. In the comics, Lucius wouldn’t have clue about Bruce being Batman.

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