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What did you find recently, that you lost a long long time ago?

Asked by FB (508points) August 28th, 2009

I recently came across a lyric I wrote in 1964.

One of the first songs I composed with the band, and actually, I lost it on purpose, uh huh, I believe, because, I think I was still supremely pissed off at everyone, including the entire population of the planet, about the breakup of the group after we missed our Woodstock moment. Anyway, I guess, that’s too much from too long ago to revisit, today. It’s just a lyric, I mean, you know, I mean, now, here, in my hand. I can’t recall the tune, like how it went or anything. I need, well, it would be helpful, I guess, to have some other things to work with in order to do that. The chords. The melody. The, well, you know, I guess, maybe, the band…

So, there it is, for me.

Recapping: Recently, I found a old souvenir that looks like a brittle piece of crispy yellowish paper, garnished with some ghostly monochromatic words scratched into its antique pulp. The impetuous scribe, with youthful haste, by my recollection, used the most awesome word processor of all, a No. 2 pencil. Appearing to be of no real significance, on a table, under a light, in your house, I would assume, but, in this precious moment, in my hand, quivering slightly, this enormously historic little sheet paper informs me of a distant chapter in life, which I did indeed venture upon, albeit younger, healthier, and with considerably more hair. But I was there. Right there. Poised upon the threshold to the days of glory.

I lost it. A long long time ago.

And. I. Have. Found. It.

Now, hummm, what am I gonna do with this…?

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I wandered out into my fav field the other day, with my music, an eclectic mix of Frank Sinatra, Nelly Furtado, Nirvana, and Zappa. And as I was pacing around feeling an introspective mix of sorrow and relief. I watched the stars brighten. I was drinking some Barefoot barefoot, and started thinking about how much I have missed out on, started thinking about her. Something came to me, welled up in my belly as “Pennyroyal Tea” played I looked into the sky and said “I bring everything down and have nothing to show for it” I sat. “All Good Things” by Nelly Furtado came on and I felt heavy, then whoosh, because I kinda started to dance. I looked up childlike, and my eyes stopped right on these stars, these three stars, and I remembered the night we said “those are our stars” nearly in unison. I forgot about those, I think I forgot most things. I read this book called “Forget and Remember” about a sociological study of how surgeons view error, guess I got to forget to remember. There was a quote in the back, it said something like “Finding ends the searching process” seemed profound at the time. So the stars, I found our stars.

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my wedding rings from my first marriage! The engagement ring was his grand mothers and I felt so bad because I promised his mother (when he died) that I would give it to our daughter. My daughter got married and I couldn’t find it.
The other day I was going through storage to have a garage sale and there they were!! I gave them to her right away!!

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@Judi I wish I could give you bunches of GA’s for that answer.

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I’ll do it for you JLeslie:

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What am I going to do with this?” Rewrite it in the melody that is coming straight from your heart today.

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I was gonna say “my usb flash stick which I lost 2 months ago” but then you said 1964, and I wasn’t even born in 1964!

Ok the oldest thing I remember losing and then finding was a hymn book I had as a child. It was specifically written for children, and I got it as a present when I was 4 or 5. I was not particularly religious, and filled it up with stickers (mainly of football players). Then my mother dumped it in some attic and it disappeared for the next two decades or so. One day I went to visit them (as a grown up) and, as I left the house, I noticed it on top of a pile of rubbish at the corner of their street. Luckily for me, my mother had decided to throw it out that very day (and not some other day in the previous 20 years).

I’ve lost it again since, but this time it’s probably among my various piles of old books.

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One thing that I don’t have back yet is my childhood journals. I taped them up with duct tape and never did find them. The people who bought my moms house called her recently and said that they found one when knocking out a wall. I don’t know if they took it to her or not, and frankly, I remember what a hurting kid I was an I am afraid of what I might read!!

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My virginity.

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I had a locket with my grandmother’s and great grandmother’s pictures in it. I had put the pictures in there right after that passed away. I lost it when I was probably 12 and I was completely devastated. A few weeks ago I was cleaning out my trunk and I lifted up the rug that was covering the spare tire and there it was a little dirty but otherwise in perfect condition(It was my dad’s car before he gave it to me). I have no idea how it ended up there but I was so happy I almost cried. I don’t have very many pictures of my grandmothers and I was very close to both of them. It definitely made my week.

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I am the person who is always loosing things and they always come back to me. I have posted enough here but I can tell you about various purses , diamond tennis bracelets and my husband even lost 2 different rolex watches and they have all come back.

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Z-bots, and Pirates of Dark Water.

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my virginity, but it was old, rusty, and in tatters.

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Old friends. I just joined Facebook this week and I’ve found friends (good friends) that I haven’t spoken to for 20 years. I’m having my 20 year reunion without having to pay $50 for a crappy meal and cash bar.

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My youthful idealism.

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My self-esteem.

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I have a favorite pair of gold earrings that I’ve had for years, and they’re really the only ones I wear. About three years ago, I lost one somewhere in the house. I went back to the jeweler to see if another one could be purchased or made, but they no longer carried them. I put the survivor away. Earlier this spring I was cleaning out my closet and going through some purses to go to Goodwill. In the bottom of one purse was the missing earring! I have no idea how it got there.

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I left my Johnny the Homicidal Maniac comics in my bookcase at home when I went to college about eight years ago, and my mom promptly turned that room upside down, boxed up the books and said she threw away the “loose papers and things,” which I took to include the comics. When I looked through the book boxes they were nowhere to be found. She asked me to clean out some of the other, non-book boxes of my old stuff last month, and lo and behold, there are the originals with their beautiful covers and Meanwhiles.

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Hooray I love Johnny!

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My only child’s Plunket book (baby development book containing a record of her weight, length, head circumference, milestones and heaps of notes I had made about things she was doing/saying etc) It had been missing for years and years. I had always thought my daughter was responsible for its loss. She was inclined to take things into her room from where they mysteriously disappeared amidst the teenage piles of clothing, half eaten food and miscellaneous rubbish. I was absolutely delighted when it was discovered in a folder in my filing cabinet. I felt absolute elation along with a generous pang of remorse for even considering that my daughter might have been responsible

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