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My cat loves ice cubes?

Asked by Sarcasm (16751points) August 28th, 2009

So, I moved out a month ago, and went to visit my parents for a few reasons. We (well, I guess just “they” now) have a cat. Just for the record, she’s about 11 years old, and has been diagnosed with Feline diabetes in the past year. It gets quite hot out where they live (It was in the early 100s today), but they’ve had it nice and cool inside with the AC, so it’s not like she’s necessarily burning up

Anyway, when I was there, they told me that she has become obsessed with ice cubes in her water bowl. Whenever they open the freezer (if she’s nearby), she’ll go running up to it. As soon as they pull some ice cubes out, she’ll sit down like she’s begging, meowing, and following them wherever they go with the cubes. Of course they put some in the bowl and she just drinks up a whole bunch of water.
She’ll do this obsessive “I wanna look at the ice cubes coming out of the freezer” action even if she already has some in her bowl.

Certainly most cats have some strange obsession, but this isn’t one I’ve ever heard about. Anyone familiar with this?

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A cat’s body is warm. I guess if it’s 100 degrees, it’s still going to be pretty darn hot for the darn cat. It would be considered her treat of the day (the ice- cude cube). My dog is obsessed with my dad! wtf. If she doesn’t see him, she’ll get really depressed. I guess it’s just how some animals express their love for something; for example, your cat loves cubes.
Sorry if it’s a really bad answer.
stupid typos. I’m dyslexive today.

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I have read various pet advice sites/columns who suggest putting ice cubes in pets bowls so it’s certainly not that far-fetched.

And just look at us humans. Some people (like me) want tons of ice in their drinks while others prefer none and every variation in between.

Since the cat is diabetic it’s good that she be well hydrated and if the ice cubes help that along so much the better.

Cats have all kinds of weird quirks and who knows why. They are cats after all.

I had one of my cats who never drank out of the water dish. She would always dip her paw in the water and lick it off her paw. Another dip more licking. Repeat. Repeat etc.

Why? Who knows? She was a cat, that’s why. :)

I just accept it as part of their charm. Magical, mystical creatures.

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This is another reason I have a dog, cats are crazy.

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Cats ARE crazy. Mine can only sleep at night if she’s laying on top of me, and she attacks my shoes to keep me from wearing them maybe because she thinks it’ll stop me from leaving My dog had diabetes and she was constantly drinking water simply because the high glucose levels made her dehydrated. So the mix of that and the hot weather can probably explain the sudden love of ice cubes.

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It probably isn’t working with all pussycats, but try this: place an olive on the ground in front of your cat.
She/he will go absolutely mental, hugging the thing like it’s her/his long lost significant other.
Well, mine does.

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@rebbel does it matter if the olive is green or black? I want to try this with my cat.

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@rebbel Fresh olives or canned/jarred? I have to try this with my cats.

@Sarcasm it’s likely about hydration – diabetics need more water due to their ailment – I used to petsit a couple of diabetic cats & I sometimes had an IV bag that I would have to use to hydrate them now & then as one of my petsitying duties.
Cats are weird little creatures though – my boy cat likes to give kisses to people by licking them in the mouth & he LOVES peppermints he goes nutty for an Altoid. The girl cat thinks people are made for her transportation & she jumps on backs & shoulders to ride people in the same way people ride elephants in some cultures. It’s all too weird for me.

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About the peppermint thing: one of my cats would go nuts every time I ate a lifesaver. I had to hide them.

I finally put it together when I realized she was the only one of my cats with the catnip gene.

Catnip plants are related to both Basil and Mint.

Haven’t yet tried the olive thing tho as I’m waiting on an answer about what type.

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@rebbel – The olive thing is genetic. If your cat has the olive gene, then watch out! If your cat doesn’t, then he/she might whack at it because it is round and will roll, but will not be very interested in it otherwise.

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@Jenniehowell @scamp Mine were “fresh-from-the-market” green olives.
Of course you suck the oil from them if you don’t want to get an oily trail on your carpet…

@Darwin You said: “Watch out!”
It’s not because it is dangerous in some way, i hope?

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@rebbel – He will become intoxicated and out of control, and might accidentally knock something over or slash at it with his claws. Of course, you can simply sit back and enjoy his antics, but then you had better have a good excuse for laughing.

Cats do not like to be made into fools. They get even.

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@Darwin Aha.
Thanks for your info, i’ll be careful.
I’m out of olives anyway.

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Our cats share the same obsession.

My cat, Goliath, since about 2 months ago, does exactly the same thing – running to the refrigerator whenever I’m going to the kitchen then meowing for ice cubes.

I will usually take 1 or 2, throw them to certain distance so that he will chase and have fun with them. It’s so cute to see.

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My male cat, Brother, sits bathroom sink-side waiting for his obsession of water and ice cubes. They must be in the bathroom sink. And he’ll wait ever so patiently. He loves his B-cubies! Day or night, winter or summer, any time!

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