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what do I get my boyfriend's parents?

Asked by millie (53points) December 14th, 2006
only limitation: ideally not food-related.
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I think books are always a good way to go
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something for their house? Like a windchime, or something for their patio, outdoor stuff..
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throw for their couch (like from Pottery Barn)
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unusual potted plants? coffee table book. tickets to the opera.
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really good coffee, if they're coffee drinkers
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Candles are nice, but not if they
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have difficulty remembering that they are burning.
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You can't go wrong with a potted plant or a flowering plant. I like to go with something that's potted because then it won't die unless they don't take care of it.
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My gift of choice this year is This American Life. They have some greatest-hits collections available on CD that I'm sure will be great. It's a good parent-type gift, I think.
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A girlfriend once brought my mother a cutting board. She still talks about it to this day.
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As a parent, Windchimes, but only if they like the outdoors, and have a place to hang it. Soy Candles. Cool Coffee – like Dunkin Donuts, White Castle, something you know they wouldn’t buy for themselvs, but would be 10 bucks or under. maybe a cool potted plant, but again, think about the lighting and where it might go. Don’t want them to be nice, you want them to have something to enjoy. I’d be happy with any of these things from my sons gf’s

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