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How do you unclog a washer?

Asked by EmpressPixie (14728points) August 29th, 2009

Our washing machine (Frigidaire, heavy-duty) appears to have clogged after a bathmat fell to bits in it. How can we unclog it? Some googling shows there may be a “trap” for lint and the like that simply got overloaded. How can I find the trap or is there another solution I should be looking for?


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I don’t suppose you still have the owner’s manual? If not, I’d try googling to see if you can access a copy of the manual online – that’s your best bet for finding the lint trap.

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I found this onine. I hope it helps!

Here is another link.

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How is the drain hose connected? Does it empty into a utility sink, or a standpipe? The first thing to do is to see if you have any outflow at all directly from the washer. Then see if the standpipe or sink is slow. If not, the clog is in the machine. If so, the clog is in the external drain, and likely needs to be unclogged at the cleanout, or snaked free.

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It empties into a utility sink. I don’t have the manual because it came with the house we leased, but I’m looking for it only, and it appears to be here…

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Well, if there is water in the machine, set the cycle to the part where it pumps out, and see what comes out of the drain hose. Does the pump sound like it’s working? Does a little water come out? then there is a blockage in the machine for you to clear – a relatively easy job.

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The pump is probably jammed. This used to happen with our old frontloader all the time.Legos and quarters always manged to get past the seal and it would clog the pump.

I wouldn’t really attempt to yank the pump and clean it if I were you. I used to but that was after watching a repairman do it once.

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If you decide to do it yourself, don’t forget the tub is full of water. It will all pour out when you take the pump off.
I looked at the parts list you supplied and did not see a rubber trap in front of the pump. Sometimes there is one and that is easy to clean. Pull off the front panel and take a look.

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There is a drain in our floor, so we weren’t totally concerned about flooding. We did drain the water, but we’ve given up on fixing it and called the landlord. He’ll be here in an hour, which is great turnaround on him at least looking at the situation.

(We got to the point where it was either start screwing with the pump which is significantly less easy to fix/put together again/whatever or call the landlord. We chose the “not making a bad situation worse” option and called.)

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I think your best bet would be to call the landlord and have him call a repairman. If your house is a rental, he is responsible for the repair anyway.

Let him decide who will work on it. If you try to fix it yourself and something goes wrong, he could make you pay for repairs and/or replacing the entire washer, which could become very costly for you.

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