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Have anyone been pregnant but couldnt get a positive test til later?

Asked by kikki (1points) August 29th, 2009

I had my last period in june twice which has never happened! one at the beg of the month one at the end! the period at the end only lasted three days very light! all of july and aug i have not had a period! around the time i was suppose to come on i cramped for about five days but never came on! my breast are heavier , ive had headaches, tired, and whenever i eat my stomach never feels full! i took a test but it said negative! im getting fustrated! has anyone ever been pregnant but couldnt get a positive test til later?

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When was your last visit to your gynocologist?

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I never understood why women rely to message boards to tell them if they’re pregnant or not. WE can’t tell you. Only your doctor can. If you think you’re pregnant, it’s very simple…Go to the gyno. They will give you a test. It is possible to be pregnant and have the test read negetive but the only way to know for sure is by going to the doctor. If you have been curious about this since June, you should really get this taken care of sooner than later.

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Have you changed types of birth control recently? Have you had sex without using birth control?

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It depends on how quickly your HCG levels rise.

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why am I getting the distinct feeling that this might be a teenager who can’t just get up and go to the gynecologist?

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@poofandmook I was thinking the same thing. I hope that’s not the case but why else would someone ask a discussion site like Fluther about whether she’s pregnant or not? Hmmm. I would personally have already gone to the doc’s.

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thank you all!!!! i am 22! i have a appointment on weds!!! i was just wondering if anyone experianced the same thing!!! no need for smart remarks!!! god bless

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If you’re very good at following the instructions that come with home pregnancy tests, the results are about 97–98% accurate, but in actual use, human error reduces the overall accuracy to 75%.
Sometimes a test is done too early, or in rare cases, the embryo is not implamted properly and is not releasing the usual amount of hcg the hormone looked for in pregnancy tests but since you got a negative test on repeat weeks later, you’re probably not pregnant.
Unless you really messed on the instructions.

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