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Whats a good alternative to alcohol?

Asked by noodle_poodle (1614points) August 30th, 2009

I want to give up drinking…its too expensive and hangovers suck…is there a good alternative that could help me relax and be more sociable? (nervousness is a problem for me and marijuana isnt an option as it just makes me freak out)I always have a great time when I am drunk even though sometimes I wake up thinking oh god why did I do that….. In an ideal world I wouldn’t need chemical confidence but alas alack this is reality and I do…any ideas?

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Hot chocolate. Both chocolate and milk contain tryptophan, an essential amino acid that is a natural relaxer. To amp up the effect add peanuts, sunflower seeds or a meat w/mayo sandwich to the hot chocolate as your evening snack

@AlyxCaitlin Maybe if you weren’t smoking you would be able to comprehend the question. H said no weed!

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@galileogirl and what did I say to you to make you say that? It’s my fault I over read the question. LOLOL SORRY BISH

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Sobriety first and then hot chocolate second, just like @galileogirl recommended.

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Maybe some therapy to learn other methods to relax? I think it is great you want to give up drinking, it is a huge waste of money, and not a good habit to be in. Maybe if you spend some times being with people who don’t drink, you will see it’s not necessary. I think it is difficult to change this behavior if you are surrounded by the people you typically drink with. I don’t drink and almost all of my friends do, and it is fine, no pressure, if your friends are encouraging you to drink that makes it much more difficult.

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@JLeslie is completely on target: Therapy.

It might help you to understand what makes you feel nervous and uncomfortable around people, what makes you feel you need alcohol or some other substance to “relax”.

Granted, substances both artificial and real are everywhere, and many people use them, for differing reasons. But if you feel you’re using alcohol as a crutch, talk to someone. Substituting one mind- and mood-altering substance for another is not going to help you at all.

Rather, it’s preferable to understand your own motives, to learn to like and accept yourself, and to make less need-driven choices about how to cope with uncomfortable situations.

Best of luck!

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You don’t need alcohol, or any other drug. I noticed some moron suggested MDMA; I hope that was a joke.

Without diagnosing you from a distance, I would say that what you might be dealing with is quotidian social anxiety, from which many, many people suffer, and which is eminently treatable.

A few focused weeks of therapeutic work, assuming you are motivated, and you can conquer your social anxieties. Look for an experienced Cognitive-Behavioral therapist who has demonstrated experience in these matters. It is not necessary for you to continue to suffer. Good luck.

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A short-term solution (found it out through experience when i was less self-confident): have sex before you plan to go out.
An orgasm (can) give(s) you a serious confidence-boost.
I felt more sociable when we went to a party or meeting afterwards.
Good luck.

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What is MDMA?

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@RareDenver Are you trying to be funny? It’s not funny.

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@JLeslie it was a bit of a tongue in cheek reply but at the same time I see nothing wrong in someone using MDMA in the same way someone might use alcohol as a social lubricant or for the fact that the effects are after all a lot of fun.

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Cigarettes. They’re relaxing and they make it easy to socialize with other smokers.

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Just drink less. You can have a good time and not get fucked up. Avoid mixed drinks and drink PBR. It is cheap and you have to drink a lot to get a hangover. Moderation…

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Heavy doses of Fluther.

And maybe a Soma or two as well.

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soma for the masses!...nah thar be no pressure from friends or anything more of a personal choice thanks all for the sensible responses I fully uphold that drinking and drugs arnt necessary but they are damn good fun…i dont really think clean living is for me but perhaps i will have to give it a try…moderation isnt a word or a philosophy i like

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A chemical to make you relax and chatty, but not weed or alcohol.
Lets see, you could always start blowing coke to be chatty, and popping xanax to relax.
(this will not solve your expensive habit problem though)
these activities done by trained professionals and should not be tried at home

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Lots and lots of heavily caffeinated coffee. :)

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@JLeslie thanks for your input been down the whole counselling and therapy stuff before I know full well why I drink and so forth…..the power of positivity and personal achievement all that jazz yeh fine and all but it does somewhat lack the element of fun

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@AstroChuck coffee relaxes you? i tend to find it always makes me feel a bit edgy and like my skin is to tight for my face…odd reaction i know…shame as i do luv the smell of it…freshly ground coffee…its a good smell

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it’s not weed

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I have tons of fun and I don’t drink. I love going to clubs, being with friends, being out in general, I am very much the “type” of person who usually drinks. I just don’t bother. What I tend to think is alcohol effects you differently than it does me. Your brain loves it more I maybe, different wiring. So do you think it is really that you need it to loosen up? Or, is it that you LOVE it, the feeling it gives you? Or, are those two things the same thing? Just curious about it in general, not trying to psychoanalyze you or anything.

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When at a social gathering where EVERYONE is drinking, I drink straight Collins Mix. You don’t look like you’re out of place by not holding a drink, and they taste good without the alcohol effects.

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Endorphin Lurve @rebbel, GA

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Exercise helps reduce stress.

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@noodle_poodle- No. I just really, really like it!

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Elderflower cordial is lovely, you can buy elderflower carbonated drink too, I drank it whilst I was pregnant, from a wine glass too!!

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Hangovers are part of the experience. Learn to love them.

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@JLeslie its possibly just a brain chemical thing. I do really enjoy being drunk or at least not sober it just makes the world so much more interesting…the more you drink the more doing simple tasks becomes a fascinating challenge as its twice difficult and 5 times funnier…..maybe i should just get a lobotomy

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Booze expensive? I used to get wasted for ten bucks with Steel Reserve, and that was when I had extra cash. Normally I’d go in half on a bottle of cheap spiced rum with a friend. For six bucks I’d be annihilated.

I however do not get hungover, and I’ve consumed god awful amounts of liquor, I am truly lucky to have a functioning liver, it just doesn’t happen to me.

For alts? Drink less, or even just try different stuff, different hard liquors get me different kinds of drunk. My happiest, buzz comes from bourbon.

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You have already rejected my answer, so I’ll just say, counseling, a proper diet, a change of friends, exercise and getting enough sleep worked for me.

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Find something that gives you the brain dope rush you were getting from alcohol, something that doesn’t involve other drugs or destructive behavior. Safe sex is great and my number one choice but that’s like barking at the moon for most people, acupuncture is great as a 2nd choice and helps with getting clean off of any drugs.

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Ketamine makes a night far more entertaining, also come-down free. But thats if your into horse tranquilizers.

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You just have to learn how to deal with life as it is. You have the power within yourself, you just have to unleash it.

Sounds trite but I think it is true, not easy to do, but it can be done.

Try an AA group, even if you don’t feel you are an alcoholic, their whole thrust is how to live alcohol free.

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I’d say auto-erotic asphyxiation but it’d just get modded.

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I saw what you said, I saw what you said.

But I don’t get it??????

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@noodle_poodle AstroChuck had you roflyao, and you didn’t lurve him???

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good point @filmfann corrected

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Learn an instrument and make music.
Learn to paint or work with clay.

You need to find ways to lose yourself in an activity. This relaxes you. It will help you to socialize, as well, if you do the activity with others.

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@JLeslie MDMA is the drug found in ecstacy that is just a pure feel good. It’s also called Molly and sold at concerts, colleges, and anywhere sketchy drug dealers are found.

I recently quit drinking during the week to focus harder on my studies. I just work.

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Listerine. But you have to drink a lot to get a buzz.

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@Zen It’s about as strong as schnapps…

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But it’s good for gingivitis. Is schnapps?

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No, but it’s good for the soul.

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Waitaminit. Schnapps is alcohol. Pay attention to the question!

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And so is mouthwash!

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You might try non-alcoholic beers or wines.

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