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Would you rather get nice chocolates or good cookies as a present?

Asked by imagine401 (56points) December 14th, 2006
Need to get assorted holiday presents-- do people generally appreciate nice chocolates or good cookies more?
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depends who the gift is going to?
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but generally chocolates unless the cookies are homemade, really good, and going to someone close to you.
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chocolates are more interesting. Especially if you get something like joseph Schmidt truffles. I received a box once and they were not only incredible, interesting flavors, they were also beautiful, AND the box they came in was gorgeous - hand pressed paper. such a beautiful gift.
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depends, but chocolates is a safer bet
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If the cookies are homemade then definitely cookies!
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If you get deluscious cookies, then that.
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vosges chocolate is amazing, esp. with toasted almonds and sea salt.
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but i'm a sucker for homemade cookies.
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ok went with the chocolates-- and for future reference, i went to L Artisan du Chocolat in Silverlake-- beautiful, creative (and affordable) chocolates in really nice gift wrapping!
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nice, dark, rich, intense chocolate
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Vosges chocolates are wicked good. If you're going for a chocolate bar to knock some socks off, try Claudio Corallo's Sao Tome bar (with cacao nibs), Arriba heirloom cacao from Ecuador, or the Michel Cluizel single origin bar from Maralumi, which contains only chocolate but somehow tastes like pineapple, rasberry, rainforest, and a little green banana. A lot of supposedly fancy chocolate you can buy is actually just fancy packaging and lots of carnauba wax, but if you do a little research you can hit the jackpot. Otherwise, nothing says love like homemade cookies.
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nice chocolates
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No contest: CHOCOLATE. In San Francisco or Berkeley go to a shop called Bittersweet for a good selection.
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I agree with Flavio.
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Homemade cookies say the giver loves you enough to bake for you. That said, gourmet chocolates can be nice because it is something I would not myself spend money on. My darling wife usually gives me some Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee for Christmas because I would never spend that much on coffee for myself.
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Absolutely good cookies...especially if homemade. Although, Anthropologie (clothing store) was selling some very artsily wrapped choc bars with pins attached that make a pretty and unique gift.
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definitely good cookies!
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good cookies with chocolate in them.

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Chocolates chocolates chocolates. And maybe cookies, if they’re really good. And chocolate, of course.

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