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Will Manic Panic come out in the pool?

Asked by justus2 (851points) August 30th, 2009

I know that Manic Panic Hot Hot Pink is a temporary hair color and washes out everytime you shampoo but I was wondering about if I dyed my hair will it come out into the pool when I go swimming at our apartments?

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I was asking because I wouldnt want the pool to have pink stuff get in it like when I shower and see all the pink stuff go down the drain

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I study colloidal chemistry as a hobby, and it shouldn’t turn the pool water pink. Manic Panic isn’t super toxic or anything, even if pink pool water would be neato. Like you could float a mannequin in there, and scream “ahh, they killed Frances” No seriously, I will take the blame for the pink water, if it happens.

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lol ok thank you

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is that the same pink hair that is making out with Buffalo Bill in your picture? He didn’t make you put the lotion on your skin did he?

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I am SOO OLD! I laughed out loud and nearly woke my husband up when I first saw this question. I thought someone had a new cure for bi-polar mania! Pool therapy or something.

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I hadn’t thought about Manic Panic in years until last night and then I read this….maybe it’s a sign to relive jr high?
Surely without soap you’re ok.

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I am entertained at the thought of the chlorine and other chemicals in the pool reacting with the dye in your hair.

Perhaps it might be advisable to cut a lock of hair, put some pool water in a glass jar, and see what happens?

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YES. The Manic Panic will “bleed” in chlorinated pool water and depending on the colors you’ve got in, they might change a little and probably not in any way you’ll like. Get a rubber pool cap.

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it takes awhile for the excess color to wash out, once it does the color won’t come out in the pool…

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I am not sure if you can go into my profile and see the cotton candy hair colour I had once upon a time, but that was a mixture of Beyond The Zone and Manic Panic…It will absolutely come out in the pool, especially with the chlorine. However, the extent of changing the water is completely minimal.

Alsooooo, unfortunately Manic Panic and various neon colours are only demi-permanents and actually have no reacting chemicals in them, thus these colours never last long. But, fortunately for your concern, you have nothing to worry about a chlorine-colour reaction occurring. These colours are merely stains.

Good luck! :-D

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Oh, I didn’t see how old this question was! Haha!
P.S. though, as far as my knowledge in this subject is concerned, I am a model and an aspiring MUA/Hair Stylist. Believe me, hair colours change alllll the time for photoshoots.

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