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I need suggestions on what engraving i may put on me and my boyfriend's matching rings?

Asked by yziabites (104points) August 31st, 2009

I’m planning on buying a pair of matching rings for us, and i’m having a really hard time picking an engraving that i can put on the rings. we have a love-hate relationship. sometimes, i totally adore him, and on other days, i would like nothing better but to bury him alive. I’m trying to avoid the cheesy lines. any suggestions?

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Do you have a specific date that is significant to your relationship ie: when you first got together?

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Without cheesy lines as an option I’m spent.

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Why not just put each other’s names on the rings? You put his name on yours and he puts yours on his.

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Traditionally it’s From _______ to _______ on (Date).

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I wouldn’t put the date, because I think of that for marriage, I like @Saturated_Brain suggestion. Judy Blume put “forever” in the rings. If you both love math you could put the infinity symbol.

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How about a yin yang symbol and an infinity symbol? It would convey a meaning of duality (man/woman), or opposing forces (love/hate), forever. And, yin yang looks like “69” as an added bonus! And infinity looks like a sideways “8”, keeping in line with the “69”!
See ya….Gary aka wtf

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I’d put something like

Through all our times, difficult or easy, together.

Not sure if that would fit though

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@whatthefluther nice answer! :) thnks.

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thanks for all the great answers, you guys.

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