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Are extensions on Microsoft Office 2009 for Mac different than the PC ones?

Asked by _fonzo (67points) August 31st, 2009

I am thinking about buying a Mac, but my cousin said me that and I tried to find the answer – I couldn’t. I think it only applies to 2004, but it’s better to ask. =D

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Extensions as in file extensions? Not to my knowledge. PC files will open on a Mac, and vice versa.

the 2004 edition extensions are .DOC, .XLS. In the Current version of Office, it’s .DOCX, .XLSX etc. This is because they’ve changed the internal formats of these files.

You can open 2004 versions in the new Office (Mac or PC), but not the other way around. There are programs to convert them for you, however.

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The current version of Office doesn’t have support for Visual Basic for Applications, if that’s what you’re asking. Aside from VBA macros, though, the files are as compatible between Mac Office and Windows Office as they are between any two versions/installations of Microsoft Office.

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