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Do roofing companies try to scare potential customers?

Asked by Austinlad (16313points) August 31st, 2009

We had two hail storms in Austin this spring, and now I find circulars on my door every day from different roofing companies. Two or three houses in my neighborhood have had their roofs redone, but none on my block. By the way, my house is only two years old. I spoke with one roofer last week who did a 20-minute sales pitch on why I needed a new (and expensive) roof, and how he could extract extra money from my insurance company (which has already paid me $3,000). Does this border scam or should I be genuinely concerned?

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It is not a scam and you should not be genuinely concerned. It is just the hard sell. If you had damage to your roof that has been repaired (guessing that was what the $3000 was for), you are fine.

Ignore the hard sell.

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Did the roofer actually look at your roof before doing the sales pitch?

It’s probably not a scam. Hail can damage roofs, and it’s worth taking a good look at them, because it’s easier to repair a damaged roof for a couple thousand dollars than to repair extensive structural damage because the roof was unsound.

If nobody you trust has looked at your roof, you should get it looked at. @PerryDolia is assuming that that’s what the $3000 was for, and if that is what it was for and your roof has been looked at, then you have nothing to be concerned about.

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I think if they’re trying to scare you, they would say something like BOO

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Many times following a potentially damaging natural storm (hail, wind, snow, etc) there will be contractors appearing from out of the area. While many of these are honest and competent craftspersons, the situation lends itself to abuse and scams. If you suspect you have incurred damage to your roof, find a local roofer. Many will do an inspection and estimate for free. Get several inspections, as well as several estimates, and try to find 3rd party references from independent sources.

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Oh i see what the house builder did , he put on the wrong type of roof . The roofs we put up can survive hail and other such hard heavy things , we can do you a roof for $500 less than the last guy offered . You also get a full lifetime guarantee ( thats his lifetime not yours or the roofs ) ( ( oh and he doesn’t really exist so the guarantee is pointless)) You get the new stronger roof only for it to fall down when you close the door .

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Never take the first offer without researching other options.
This person you’re talking about sounds like he’s talking more about money than your roof.

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Same occured here, after a big wind storm. a representative from Mr. Roof came to my house. at first, i was on the defensive. my whole attitude changed, when this man brought out a ladder and asked if it was okay to physically check out my roof. i agreed. he knew what i did for a living, so i was actually not that worried about him. after a 20 minute inspection of my roof, he presented a detailed survey of my roof and its condition. i already knew we had some wind damage, but not this serious. this rep. did all the paperwork and even called my insurance agent. the agent came out and all three decided that i needed a new roof. insurance paid for everything, except $123.00. Mr. Roof did an excellent job of installing the new roof. i highly recommend them.

There are some roof scammers out there. i believe you have to decide on your own individual set of circumstances, before signing on the dotted line.

If it does not feel right, then ignore it.

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