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What's an online institute for learning graphic design?

Asked by FriendlyJack (2points) January 18th, 2008

An AFFORDABLE institute that offers a RAPID certificate or an undergraduate degree in Graphic Design

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Personally I don’t know of any, but I cannot stress to you enough how much going to class, having your work critiqued and being able to learn from a professor helps. If you want to just learn the programs then I would go to Barnes & Noble or Borders and buy some books or do some online tutorials. But a classroom education in graphic design is practically essential. It helps you develop an aesthetic and learn from your fellow classmates. Honestly, I learned more from the people in class with me than from my teachers. They were constantly finding out new things I didn’t know and vice versa. Also your classmates can offer you advice unique to them. And they understand what you are trying to convey and the frustration involved with not being able to do it. They can offer you solutions you might not have thought of on your own. If you are dead set about doing this online I would find a community online who would critique your work and offer helpful feedback. Without this, you will be doing yourself a disservice by not allowing yourself to be challenged to grow.

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Ditto everything ambos said. To add to that, I would have to say that more than half of the tuition I paid to go to an expensive design school went toward the contacts I made, networking with my professors and getting jobs through them. Because the market is so saturated, only a limited number of jobs go to people who apply for them the old-fashioned way. As well, if you’re looking to enter a worthwhile and meaningful career in graphic design, anything less than a 4-year degree is not likely to get you that.

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san francisco art institute.

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