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Is Diet Coke really that bad for you?

Asked by segdeha (1715points) January 18th, 2008

Friends of mine tell me all kinds of health horrors await from my habit of drinking Diet Coke, but, I mean, don’t you have to drink gallons of it a day for it to actually hurt you?

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Ah, true. Sorry, I guess this would have been a good candidate for the “Looks like your question has already been answered” feature…

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The real danger is in the Sodium Benzoate (preservative) as opposed to the aspartame. Artificial sweeteners have been blamed for about every possible illness. The FDA has been studying aspartame’s effects for over a decade without finding anything conclusive.

There was a potential correlation in a European study, but to summarize; you’d have to consume an INCREDIBLE amount of aspartame. Still not conclusive though, and we all know lab rats don’t have the cleanest genes to start with.

So stay away from the Sodium Benzoate, there’s no debate on that one.

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Soda I’d bad for you…period.

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I’ve heard people do this, but I haven’t actually tried it. If you pour a soda in your toilet and let it sit for awhile and then flush it is suppose to clean your toilet. In other words. Would you drink something that cleans your toilet?

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