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How do I restore from a clone?

Asked by generdude (1points) January 18th, 2008

Can I restore individual files from a clone? If so, why would I bother to do any other kind of backup if I am willing to clone regularly, regardless of how long it takes? I just bought Prosoft Data Backup 3 for a good price at the Macworld expo, but the pdf doesn’t address this question.

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…and why not Time Machine? It does everything you just described.

In addition to individual files, Time Machine does full restores from Time Machine in the case of full system drive failure are easy apparently with the Mac OSX system installer and the Time Machine back up drive…

To answer your question, Carbon Copy Cloner is a tool that creates disk images, which when mounted, can in theory mount as a hard disk on the desktop-although you can’t work from it, you can pull individual files from the volume when it’s mounted.

I’m saying all of this assuming you’re on Mac OS X-right? (you were at MacWorld Expo after all).

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Thank you. I am asking this because I want to back up everything before I change from stripes to spots.

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