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Is " love at first sight " a foolish concept?

Asked by Da_Wolfman (238points) September 1st, 2009

Is it love or just wishful thinking/infatuation?

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Wishful thinking.

The term “love at first sight” isn’t necessarily a foolish concept. I personally just do not believe it is possible to fall in love with someone just by looking at them. Intense desire or infatuation? Sure. Love – something that takes a while to cultivate? Nope.

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Love requires some knowledge of the beloved. You can have strong attraction at first sight, possibly infatuation at first sight, but only time will tell if it will grow beyond a mere chemical attraction into love.

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I agree with @Grisaille. Love at first sight is wishful thinking. Interest or lust at first site is totally realistic though. Truly loving someone requires knowing quite a bit more about them than the physical.

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I am only familiar with lust at first sight.

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define Love….

because so far, I haven’t found a great definition of it.

can you find someone extremely attractive and have a strong desire to get to know them just by looking at them, sure, is that love? maybe it is.

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Lust, not love.

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Love at first sight is a ridiculous concept for blind people.

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Very foolish.

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It worked for me. I knew I loved my wife the moment I met her and 19 years later, our love for each other is stronger than its ever been—and grows moreso each year.

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I agree with @Marina initially it’s lust at first sight but no one said that it can’t turn into love.

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Joke: What did Adam say to Eve 1st time they saw each other naked?

” Stand back Eve, no tellin’ how big this thing is going to get ”.

APPLAUSE NOW….......APPLAUSE NOW…......APPLAUSE NOW….....Okay, thats enough.

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I don’t believe in it but it happened to me, once. I wasn’t lusting but very intrigued by a particular man who smiled at me in a dance club, watched him come to me, say his name and we held hands and walked out together even though we were living in different parts of the state at the time. Without ever having slept together or even kissed, within a month we were living together and enjoyed the next 4 years in love with all the honor, respect and daily gratitude neither of us had ever imagined could be ours. Yeah, it was freaky but the absolute best experience.

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I think it’s not a foolish concept. It is a fairy tale concept. It is something that probably happens extremely rarely. But it is a romantic fantasy that some people experience, and some even end up finding a person they can spend the rest of their lives with. However, to believe that it is the norm is like believing you are going to win the lottery. You are going to be disappointed almost a million out of a million times.

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Love at first sight is probably foolish, love at first meeting is real. I had a parallel experience to @hungryhungryhortence.‘s After talking to Tim for five minutes, I was intrigued, and within two days, in love. We’ve been inseparable ever since.

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It’s an excuse to have sex with strangers.

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Only time will tell.

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Its the stuff of great songs and chick flicks, oh well.

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No, yes, maybe.

I agree…. Only time will tell.

When the love bug bites you, nothing you can do but ride the wave.

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If you define love, just merely being attracted to one’s physical attributes, and not including their thoughts, beliefs, behaviour, and attitude, then you might be inlove. But that’s just being inlove with their apperance.

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Attraction at first sight, yes most definitely. Love at first sight? No. Infatuation maybe, attraction definitely but not love. You can’t fall in love with someone in 1 second that you have never spoken to. I don’t believe that. However if you’re very attracted to someone and you get to know them you might fall in love quickly and when you look back it might seem as if you fell in love at first sight. But that is probably just wishful thinking. It was probably a strong attraction to begin with, and when you got to know the person it grew and became love.

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Great point Mary. Never thought about it in such a way. It IS physical first…and only upon getting to know and THEN fall in love you then mistakingly look back on all of it being there at once. Makes total sense to me that way…
You remember it a bit different

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