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What is spitless tobacco?

Asked by trailsillustrated (16794points) September 1st, 2009

I’m going on a trip with friends to a non-smoking resort. I know I should quit and I’m going to but it’s too late now. Plus I really want to go. What is spitless tobacco and how does it work? Where do I get it?

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Well , thankyou very much, and I intend on doing so, just not this sudden. I want to know about this spitless tobacco thing, just for now. When I get back, I will seriously address it.

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Well, there’s electric cigarettes and then there’s the patch. Can’t think of anything else that’s both spitless and smokeless.

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Wasn’t that a big thing in Germany, Sweden, Scandinavia a couple of years ago? A form of tobacco that you put on your gums and it dissolves. It’s very bad for your gums though. Ah here it is: Snus.. I’m not recommending it though.

I didn’t carefully read your description and you would just be trading in 1 addiction for another (more addictive) addiction. Anyway I’m not a smoker so I couldn’t give you any real advice.

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