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Is there a way to correct the television channel labels on my HDTV?

Asked by eponymoushipster (20237points) September 1st, 2009

I have an HDTV, with my cable plugged directly in. No cable box. The TV has a built-in QAM converter. After scanning channels, my channel labels are like 10–1, 13–2, etc. Some have the channel labels (both cable and local). Is there a way to get the TV to display (and allow me to select) channels as 1,2,3, etc. without the dashes. To me it seems there’s no rhyme or reason to the station numbers.

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It really depends on your TV’s manufacturer, but many HDTVs these days have a manual channel editor in the setup menu so that you can change what numbers show up for what channels.


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That all might change. Since there are still analog channels.

Example. 5 is analog. 5–1 is digital. If you have just a cable plugged you are getting both the analog and digital signals.
The cable box corrects for that when there are two of the same channels. Example: you will have digital 5 on 5 and analog 5 on the actual frequency of (could be) 52. Or, where ever the cable company wants to put it, since the have an obligation to broadcast both for now.
My station has always been 21, now we are digital and we are transmitting on 38. In our signal we just tell the TV’s to see us on 21 so not to confuse the viewer..

Once the cable companies kill the analogue signals. You will probably see another channel shuffle. But since stations are now using the digital signal to transmit multiple channels from within their signal.
You will always have for example: 5–1, 5–2, 5–3

My station is 21–1, 21–2, 21–3, 21–4, 21–5

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