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How Can I Find Out What A Home In My Neighborhood Sold For?

Asked by BBSDTfamily (6824points) September 1st, 2009

I’m just curious because supposedly the housing market here hasn’t dropped too dramatically, but I want to know what the houses in my neighborhood are going for per square foot. Two have sold in the last 6 months. I don’t want to call a realtor and pretend to be buying/selling (I don’t think that is fair to them), so is there another way?

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Type the address in

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It should be public record with your county treasurer. I think.

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Damn! You all beat me! FTW!

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Is there a certain section to look for actual home sale prices? All I see are the tax accessor’s values, and I know my home’s claimed value is not anywhere close to what we paid. I’d like to know their market value, so I’d need to know what they actually sold for.

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Wow okay I found the sold home prices in my county, but does anyone know why all of them are not on there? The ones I’m looking for aren’t there (but there are several others that give me a good idea in comparable subdivisions)


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If you look under the search bar to the right, click next to the yellow house on “Recently Sold.”

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Thanks everyone! I couldn’t find the homes I was looking for, but I liked what I saw in comparable neighborhoods.

We bought our house as a foreclosure and have remodeled every room. Do you think my old realtor would come give me her estimate? If we have enough equity, we may actually sell. Is that something realtors do even for people who aren’t sure if they want to sell?

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Sale prices of homes are public information. Look online for your county’s property valuation office, and you might be able to find what the tax valuation is for the house. This should be the last price that the house sold for. In many cities, real estate transfers are published in the newspaper.

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@BBSDTfamily A real estate agent will be glad to prepare a prospectus for you showing the sold price of houses in your area. There is no way to know what your house would sell for, but you can use that as a guide.

I always look online, because I hate to have an agent do all that work for free. My FIL was a real estate agent, and he says they do it because that is the best way to get people as customers later on.

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Is there a site like Zillow that works in Canada?

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HomeValuationsCA claims to be similar, though not as easy to use. Apparently the Real Estate industry there launched a big campaign to keep Zillow out of Canada.

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