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What are some new foods (or food combinations) that you've tried recently?

Asked by evegrimm (3707points) September 1st, 2009

And were they successes or failures?

I recently tried miso soup (again) and still dislike it.

I also tried mixing broccoli + boxed mac-n-cheese. Yuck. (I was going on the principle that I like both separately, and broccoli with cheese sauce is yum. I guess, in this instance, 2 + 2 = 16. Or something.)

Anyone else have experiences (good or bad) to share?

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I learned cat food sucked. Cats are awesome, food is delicious, who knew cat food wouldn’t be awesolicious?

I’m not a culinary explorer

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@Sarcasm, I agree about both of those points. But…cat food smells awful.

I realise you’re joking.
I hope.

Culinary explorations are fun! As long as bugs aren’t involved.

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I have a new recipe to try tonight, it is from Papua NG. You poach a whole fish in water, when it is almost finished, throw out the water and add coconut milk, cut up tomatoes, an onion chopped, some chillies, garlic and ginger, let it poach a few minutes longer then serve. I can’t wait to taste it!

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Well, you sure asked me on the right night! My fella cooked tonight. He made a lobster-mushroom bisque, a Black Cod skin-on filet thingie with roasted tomato and spices wrapped in it, braised leeks, a salad with purple carrots, radish, and some onion confit on top, and a tomato, onion, caramel dessert thing cooked with puff pastry on top.

The bisque was really tasty. The fish was a little fishy for me and I think the recipe was maybe tough to judge. His was a little undercooked at first and mine got mushy in places. Nice idea, but tonight’s execution was a miss for me. The braised leeks I had one day last week, and I really liked them. I liked them tonight. The salad was yummy with homemade vinaigrette. The weird dessert thingie was pretty good, but he thought it was a little more watery than he would have liked. I liked it. It was sort of like a semi-sweet pot pie.

Last night I tried a new pot roast recipe that worked really well. And last week I made a halibut cooked in wine for the first time. That worked really well, too.

We like to try one or two new things per week. Even if the recipe ends up being a miss, I’m glad we’re trying new things. I keep getting surprised at how much my tastes have changed since I was younger.

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I used a new recipe today for mini meat loaf. You mix the ground beef with mashed up saltine crackers, salsa, egg, shredded cheese and onion, then put them in a muffin pan and cook for about a half hour. It came out very good. We enjoyed eating meat loaf muffins.

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I tried a peanut butter and pickle sandwich not too long ago, on the recommendation of a couple of Flutherers. It’s not something I imagine I’ll ever crave or anything like that, but it was surprisingly not disgusting!

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@macbean Yeah I remember reading about that. I’m going to have try it soon. But I first need to buy myself a bucket, some wet towels and a couple of sick days :P

Something similar my mother eats is a sandwich with ham and pickles. Delicious (even when you are not pregnant)! My dad always eats sandwiches with jelly and cheese (sliced young dutch cheese, not that orangy american stuff). Even more delicious!

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I made Scotch Eggs the other day.

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@rooeytoo, how did your fish turn out? (I’m not a big tomato or onion fan, but that sounds like something my mom might like, so I might have to snag that recipe from you!)

@cyndyh, I’m glad you’re trying new things! You’ll have to share some of your success recipes.

@mrentropy, I just looked up Scotch Eggs, and they look…interesting. Were yours tasty?

@MacBean, do you think the success/failure of a pb&p sandwich depends on the quality of the ingredients? For instance, would a ‘natural, no-sugar-added’ peanut butter with refrigerator pickles work out better than using limp Vlasics with store-bought Jif?

(I’ve been wanting to try it for a while, and it’s just now clicked that using natural (no sugar) peanut butter and pickles is probably pretty tasty.)

@markyy, ham and pickles does sound good. (I like pickles and good white cheese—mozzarella and montery jack are both good.) Jelly and cheese sounds a little iffy.

@YARNLADY, I’ve heard of making meatloafs (and some other things) in muffin tins before. That would probably make it easier to make sandwiches out of, eh?

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I don’t like cheese sauce on broccoli, I like mozzarella cheese melted on top, and if you want to go the extra mile you can brown it a little on top under the broiler.

My new favorite salad is spring mix lettuce, sliced apples (I like honey crisp apples best) walnuts and Paul Newman’s light Rasberry and walnut vinagrette.

Lately on omelets I combine cheeses, Swiss and American are my fav’s right now with mushrooms and ham.

Just to elaborate on the ham and pickle sandwich…you could make a Cuban sandwich, which is ham, pork, swiss, pickles and mustard, best when made on a press like a panini.

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@evegrimm I had neither had nor seen Scotch Eggs before I made them this last weekend. I thought they turned out good, although I would choose a different type of sausage next time. I was using a sausage/bacon mixture and it seemed very… salty and heavy to me. Also, I don’t have a deep fryer, so keeping the oil at a constant temperature was a bit of a problem and I may have over cooked them a bit. All in all, I’d do it again :)

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Mango and peanut butter sandwich with a sprinkle of cayan pepper. It’s made at a healthy cafe near my work. It sounded strange but it’s really yummy.

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The combination of Dutch drop (licorice) with chocolate is devine.
You’ld do it like this: first take a dropje, chew it some untill it’s getting soft and close to be ready to swallow it, then add some (milk-)chocolate.
Mix them while chewing.

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That makes me think of my mom and husband both take one Dove milk chocolate square and one dark chocolate square and eat them together. I married my mom in so many ways.

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@JLeslie Not trying to be funny here, or disrespectful, but you mean your mom and her husband, or not?
Or do i totally have the wrong picture (i see two people kiss-eating chocolats)?

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@rebbel I just realized how that could be interpreted. No, I mean each of them like to eat one of each type of chocolates at the same time. Not that the peole are together when they do it. My mom is in MD and my husband is here in TN. Lol. We just joke in my family about how I married my mother. I have an Oedipus complex I guess even though I am a girl.

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@JLeslie I was almost sure i was wrong, but thanks for clarifying that for me.

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@rebbel glad you asked :).

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Give the fish recipe a miss, it was sort of tasty but a little too soupy and mushy for me!
Sorry, I will never again recommend a recipe until I have tried it first myself!

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I have been eating tabouli daily, given all the fresh produce that won’t be around for much longer. The lime vinaigrette was a mistake; lemon, EVOO and a little curry powder do the trick.

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@rooeytoo I’m thinking you didn’t heat the water hot enough. It should only take a few minutes in very hot water, which you then discard and only add a quarter cup of milk, which should also be hot. I put the other stuff in the milk while the fish is poaching in the water, then drain the water, add the heated milk mix. Serve over rice or place on a bed of noodles.

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broccoli with mac and cheese cheese, doesnt taste good. BUT…brocolli (or cauliflower) tastes delicious with better cheese. that stuff in mac and cheese cheese is crap. dont every eat that stuff. mozzarella tastes the best on cauliflower!

I tried grilled zuchinni with lemon bread on top. Toast small pieces of some left over bread in a skillet with some butter, until crispy. add thyme, spice that appeals to your tastes, lemon (or lime), salt. Dish that out, and use the same skillet to cook some cut up zuchinni in some butter. but the bread over the zuchninni, and serve in a plate. Sounds really weird, but tastes REALLY delicious!!

oh, and another is a variety of pancakes. take the mix (that you made, or store bought), and add half the amount of buttermilk (milk with a bit of vinegar set for a while, preferably overnight), one egg, then the rest of the liquid add sparkling water (yes. sparkling water, or soda, which tastes really good. root beer tastes good with it. :) ). sounds extremely nasty…but the soda really makes everything perk up and sparkle, makes it fluffy. :)

oh. and dotn just base something that you ate once and say that its bad. always try to eat from a different source. different people cook differently. :)

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@smile1, I know boxed mac and cheese isn’t the pinnacle of culinary experience…but it’s great when you’ve had class all day and you don’t feel like making a roux and adding three cheeses and boiling pasta and making a salad….lol.

I think that grilled zucchini with lemon bread sounds very good. (Is it Italian? I know the Italians are great at using up day-old bread for everything.)

I agree that you should always try something more than once…I had a teacher when I was in grade school who said you had to “try something three times before deciding you don’t like it”. Best advice ever.

@tinyfaery, that actually sounds really good. (I might have to sub papaya for the mango, though, as papayas aren’t as hard to cut up!)

@JLeslie, a Cuban sandwich does indeed sound good…but I would probably try that in a restaurant to see if I liked it before trying to make it at home.

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@evegrimm Good excuse to go to Miami.

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@JLeslie, That, and the hot cops taking off their sunglasses to The Who. (joke)

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@evegrimm hahah. true. :) another easy way, is cut up some cheese, cook the broccoli (or micro…), then throw the thinly cut cheese on top. cover it. go do somehting else, come back, and it will be metled!!

yea..the lemon bread with zuchinni is italien i belive.

NICE advice form the teacher!! im going to follow that if you dont mind.

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Canned corn beef hash. It smells like dog food after you open the can. My sister fried some up for me with eggs. She assured me it tasted better than it smelled when you fry it. Against my better judgment, I gave it a try. It tasted like I was eating fried dog food with eggs. So much for being adventurous. After the first swallow, I vomited in my plate.

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@SuckaFreeCitizen When did you first taste Fried dog food?

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@tinyfaery, I just now had a mango.

It was delicious! (I’m not sure if the mangos I had before weren’t in season or weren’t ripe or what.)

I’m so happy that I tried something new and it was delicious.

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@YARNLADY :-) I guess the day I decided to eat my sisters version of breakfast. Have you ever tried it? I love corned beef and this tastes nothing like corned beef, to me. It’s disgusting.

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I love canned corn beef hash stirred up with eggs in a fry pan.

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@YARNLADY You and my sister would get along famously. That’s how she prepares it, to a T. Although I halfway don’t believe she likes as much as she puts on she does. She drowns hers in katsup.

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