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What should I know about the Cinqueterra?

Asked by susanc (16144points) January 18th, 2008

I want to take my husband there to celebrate his getting well from a bad illness. Have you been there? What was great? Is there anything to avoid?

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I’ve never been, but a close friend who’s been there complained that it was infuriatingly crowded with tourists and therefore had lost some of its charm… he suggests doing a little research and discovering some of the scores of other lesser known/visited villages along the coast that havent become so busy. Granted, he was there at the height of tourist season.
It all seems so beautiful. Hope you both have a lovely time.

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I’ve been there, about 8 years ago, and it was lovely. Did not find it too touristy or crowded, except the beaches were fairly crowded at the peak of the day. We (2 friends and I) arrived late in the afternoon with no arrangements for a place to stay. We asked the young man working the ticket booth at the train station for where to find a good place, such as a youth hostel. He disappeared for a good while, leaving us nervous, and then returned with his mother! She owned several adorable condos with gorgeous balconies high up on the hill, and we rented one for a few nights for next to nothing. We cooked meals and sat on the balcony in the sun to eat them; we walked and walked along the hiking trails between the little villages, espeically in the evenings around sunset when the weather cooled down (one can also take the train between villages). We took dozens of pictures of the colorful houses stacked up the hillsides, and enjoyed talking to local people in the restaurants. There was more we could have done had we had more time – one of the villages had a big crafts market, for instance, which we didn’t make it to. It was one of the most unique and beautiful and relaxing places I’ve been. I wish we had spent much longer there.

I recommend getting a good guidebook and reading up on the highlights and what to avoid to see if it’s for you. As per GDKimble’s post, it’s entirely possible it’s gotten more crowded and touristy since I was there. But based on my memories it would be a lovely place to celebrate healing.

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