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What really is the problem with the G train?

Asked by bezdomnaya (1435points) September 2nd, 2009

I’ve heard New Yorkers (and specifically Brooklyners) complain and joke about the uselessness of the G train. But what is the actual problem? Is it too infrequent? If so, just how infrequent is it? Is it super smelly? What’s up with the G? I want to know!

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I thik you’ll find that there is much debate about whether the G-train exists at all.

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I don’t remember it being smelly the last time I rode on it
But according to these people they would disagree

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@rebbel I haven’t seen it.

@teh_kvlt_liberal I actually just found the same website. Ah, the wonders of Google. There’s some pretty hilarious reviews on there.

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Oh yeah I remember why I hated the G train! I waited for a long time for the train that goes to Brooklyn, when it was ON THE OTHER FREAKING SIDE.
Very inconsistent

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@bezdomnaya See, there you go.

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The G Train is the Abominable Snowman of the public transport world.

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edit: spelling fail

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Well, according to Duke Ellington, you definitely should:

Take the A-Train

And he was really cool so you can’t go wrong following his advice.

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Ugh. The G train has half the number of cars, for starters. It’s always late and the scheduling to begin with is weird. There is not enough service on nights or weekends. And it smells, so it’s not cleaned as often as it should be. Brooklynites are upset that they have to go through Manhattan via the L line to get to another part of Brooklyn or up to 2 trains to get to Queens. It’s ridiculous.

To visit my friends in Williamsburg, I either have to catch the B61 (which actually isn’t that bad given where I live) or I have to take a train to 14th Street in Manhattan and then transfer to the L to Bedford Avenue, which is a pain in the keister.

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Who cares? Take the A train—it’s jazzier!

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Well, since you asked…The G train is nutorious for being the worst train of the MTA. For starters, it only runs in Queens and Brooklyn. Then, after rush hour and during the weekends, the train service sucks. Every weekend expect the G train service to be cancelled at any point of its route. SO yeah…

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The Denver Regional Transit District, with their most recent expansion of the light rail system, had a “G” train that was subsequently cancelled for lack of ridership. I wonder if it is a curse on all trains called G!

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Track capacity on Queens Boulevard is a problem for it. The local tracks were basically full. This is an old problem, of course. That’s why there used to be talk of a super express to supplement the existing services.

Now, of course, we have to subsidize the much more important and productive people who drive, so the simplest solution was taken in the latest round of cuts: just cut the G off Queens Boulevard entirely.

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